Droughtman's Challenge 437/End loot

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Droughtman's Challenge 437/End loot
Event Droughtman's Challenge 437
Owner Droughtman
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, General shops, Music shops, Magic shops, Crafting shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Feature shops
This store only accepts Droughtman's indicia



Bold items are new as of this event.

You can READ surfaces to learn details about items when applicable.

Room 1

[Droughtman's Maze, Prize Concourse]
Emblazoned along the eastern wall of the soaring arcade, a massive mural depicts several charioteers locked in fierce and glorious competition. The chatter of contestants browsing the concourse echos softly off the marble tile underfoot.
Obvious exits: north.

On the weapon display
Item Price Done
polished kiralan boarding axe with an ilomba handle - Frost 200   
thin-bladed silversteel kaskara with a twilight sapphire-inlaid pommel - Electric 200   
tenebrous black ka'hurst pasabas with a shadowleaf-wrapped hilt - Nature 200   
bright red indurium scimitar dangling a trio of feathers from its hilt - Fire 200   
uthamar-edged boomerang carved out of zingana - Frost 200   
glossy white marble rolling pin with felwood handles - Fire 200   
giant dragonwood mallet with a frost-blue icesteel head - Frost 200   
glossy purple gold sunblade inscribed with obscure symbols - Fire 200   
kiralan naginata with a shadowbark shaft - Frost 200   
wickedly-spiked ball and chain forged from violet glaes - Electric 200   
comical shadowbark hobbyhorse topped with a roly-poly panda head - None 200   
graceful uthamar scepter crowned with an enormous frostflare opal - Frost 200   
glittery pink quarterstaff carved with images of frolicking fae - Glitter 200   
glittering icesteel pike staff with a blade of hiromin - Frost 200   
"All the weapons on the display are enchanted with flares except for the hobbyhorse!"
On the tomiek spider
Item Price Done
sleek ebony anklet of interlocking nightstalker unyns with shadow emerald eyes - heavy blunt morning star 175   
slender ebony eyebrow ring with a shimmering dreamstone sand spider - two-handed blunt maul 175   
nightfire opal spider ring entwined with glistening ebony filaments - short staff nightstick 175   
glossy black ear stud of a miniature blade spider clutching a vengeance ruby - heavy edged battle axe 175   
"The jewelry pieces on the spider turn into exoskeletal WEAPONS and are all fully unlocked and self-repairing. The ear stud is a heavy edged battle axe, the spider ring is a short staff nightstick, the eyebrow ring is a two-handed blunt maul, and the ebony anklet is a heavy blunt morning star."
On the steel trunk
Item Price Done
sleek diacan repeating arbalest with a wickedly curved lathe 275   
"The seven bolt repeating arbalest takes eight seconds to load with a bolt in the hand and nine seconds when the bolt is in a container on you."
On the steel hook
Item Price Done
ice-veined leather bandolier with jagged silversteel fasteners 175   
"This magical harness is special indeed. It is said to summon stacks of throwing blades to toss at your enemies. It is said to never run out of charges, although you must wait 1 anlas between uses."
On the violet peg
Item Price Done
shadowleaf assassin's leathers tinged somber black - Frost 275   
On the yellow peg
Item Price Done
shadowleaf assassin's gauntlets with tapered cuffs - Frost 100   
pair of shadowleaf assassin's greaves with gusseted seams - Frost 100   
On the black peg
Item Price Done
shadowleaf assassin's coat tinged somber black - Frost 150   
On the red peg
Item Price Done
faeweave assassin's shirt tinged somber black - Frost 150   
On the white peg
Item Price Done
faeweave assassin's hood shrouded in somber black layers - Frost 100   
faeweave assassin's mask with shaded lenses - Frost 100   
faeweave assassin's gloves with fitted cuffs - Frost 100   
pair of faeweave assassin's pants with gusseted seams - Frost 100   
On the grey peg
Item Price Done
shadowleaf assassin's cowl shrouded in somber black faeweave - Frost 200   
On the blue peg
Item Price Done
faeweave assassin's armor tinged somber black - Frost 275   
On the weapon counter
Item Price Done
massive dawnfire steel greatsword with a flame-cutout along the blade - Fire 200   
flawless diamondwood shortbow graced with a trio of Huntress diamonds - 3 sec load 200   
Velakan starsteel akabo with an elaborately carved kapok handle - Frost 200   
dark khor'vela pelletbow tessellated with a murder of eerie black crows - 5 sec load 200   
"The greatsword is imbued with a fire flare enchantment and the akabo is imbued with a frost flare enchantment. The pelletbow takes five seconds to load with a stone in hand and six seconds when the stone is in a container on you. The shortbow takes three seconds to load with an arrow."
On the small pillow
Item Price Done
tursa throwing spikes 7   
"Spikes. For throwing. Honest, that's all."
On the damite shelf
Item Price Done
glimmering helm surmounted by a radiant crown of icesteel - Frost 200   
fiery glaes balaclava surmounted by a radiant crown of sungold - Fire 200   
vardite kite shield painted with two crossed wands over a golden key - Electric 200   !!
light plate sallet with hollowed bone horns - Fire 200   
"The light plate sallet and all chain armor are imbued with a fire flare enchantment, while the rest of the plate armor on the damite shelf are imbued with a frost flare armor enchantment."
On the vardite shelf
Item Price Done
fiery glaes chausses with burnished gold poleyns - Fire 100   
firestained ring gloves with knuckleguards of dawnfire steel - Fire 100   
ring vambraces reinforced with firestained splints - Fire 100   
scarlet glaes lorica with side seams of firesilk - Fire 100   
heavy windsteel greaves encased in icesteel - Frost 100   
icesteel-rimed gauntlets embedded with winter emeralds - Frost 100   
icesteel vambraces embedded with blades of hiromin - Frost 100   
icesteel cuirass inlaid with labyrinthine moonsilver - Frost 100   
light plate gauntlets augmented with small gears and wires - Frost 100   
"The light plate gauntlets and all chain armor are imbued with a fire flare enchantment, while the rest of the plate armor on the vardite shelf are imbued with a frost flare armor enchantment."
On the haralun shelf
Item Price Done
light full plate heavily augmented with clockwork gears - Fire 275   
"The light plate armor on the haralun shelf is imbued with a fire flare armor enchantment."
On the tomiek web
Item Price Done
deep ebony orbweaver ring with a glossy carapace - Small exoskeletal shield 165   
angular black widow ring formed from shiny ebony segments - Medium exoskeletal shield 165   
sleek tarantula ring covered with fine ebony hairs - Large exoskeletal shield 165   
"The rings on the web turn into exoskeletal SHIELDS and are all fully unlocked and self-repairing. The orbweaver ring is a small shield, the black widow ring is a medium shield, and the tarantula ring is a large shield."
On the marble altar
Item Price Done
hefty war hammer covered in thirteen diamond-sectioned spikes - Electric 200   
"The war hammer on the altar has an electric weapon flare and can temporarily change a person's appearance to something more godly when waved at with the hammer."
On the weapon showcase
Item Price Done
double-edged indurium schiavona with an elegant fire whirl ruby basket-hilt - HE, Razor flare 200   
gleaming silversteel hurling axe sculpted with the curves of a jubilant visage - HE/HT, Razor flare 200   
polished silversteel throwing axe sculpted with the lines of an anguished visage - ME/LT, Razor flare 200   
"The weapons on the showcase are flared with a razor weapon flare."

Room 2

[Droughtman's Maze, Prize Concourse]
Continuing from the southern end of the concourse, a massive mural depicts several charioteers locked in fierce and glorious competition. The chatter of contestants browsing the concourse echos softly off the marble tile underfoot.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the simple altar
Item Price Done
triple-headed icon forged from palladium 75   
"Holy warriors who revere Chadatru will find their holy weapons' power can be replenished with this icon."
On the ceramic platter
Item Price Done
coruscant crystal-bone octahedron edged in gold 315   
"The octahedron is a Targeted Magic focus that also works with mechanical mice."
On the sungold salver
Item Price Done
sungold sunburst partially eclipsed by Yavash 100   
"The magic in this pin can help with ritual spells for practitioners in any school of magic."
On the animite plinth
Item Price Done
silvery grey animite sphere with stormfire topaz inlay 150   
tiny iridescent weevil 150   
"The sphere is a Targeted Magic focus and the weevil will wipe all spell knowledge except for spell scrolls."
On the crystal tray
Item Price Done
Elven gold crown displaying a massive green dwalgim - concentration 150   
braided armure anklet dangling spherical-shaped vengeance ruby charms - mana 150   
coiled black taipan covered in imbricated agonite scales - inner fire 150   
iridescent glass orb inlaid with moonsilver holy symbols - spirit 150   
fiery sunset opal pendant strung on a gold chain - vitality 150   
"The crown is said to help with concentration, the anklet is said to help regenerate mana, the taipan can help with inner fire, the orb can help with spirit, and the pendant helps with vitality!"
On the stained shelf
Item Price Done
white inkpot - Righteous Wrath 100   
engraved inkpot - Demrris' Resolve 100   
muddy inkpot - Curse of the Wilds 100   
On the warped shelf
Item Price Done
black inkpot - Shadows 125   
silvery-blue inkpot - Substratum 125   
spherical inkpot - Aesandry Darlaeth 125   
yellow-banded inkpot - Swarm 125   
ghostly-white inkpot - Chill Spirit 125   
veined inkpot - Blur 125   
swirled inkpot - Fluoresce 125   
sharp-edged inkpot - Shear 125   
On the crooked shelf
Item Price Done
icy-blue inkpot - Will of Winter 175   
bright orange inkpot - Ignite 175   
dusky grey inkpot - Iron Constitution 175   
ethereal white inkpot painted with a burning candle - Fists of Faenella 175   
bright silver inkpot - Minor Physical Protection 175   
On the tan easel
Item Price Done
frosted glass inkpot - tattoo of a twisted silver-traced stylized flame 5   
blue inkpot - tattoo of trailing silvery-blue sigils 5   
blood-red inkpot - tattoo of a dark figure with sinister red eyes 5   
ominous black inkpot - tattoo of ominous black symbols 5   
silvery-black inkpot - tattoo of silvery-black chains covered in strange symbols 5   
"Empty inkpots for sale! - These inkpots are empty. Use them to REMOVE your current runic tattoo. When reapplied the inkpot will form the listed tattoo."
On the gold display
Item Price Done
luminous blue gold shariza flanked by crescent moonsilver moons 875   
"This extraordinarily magical item will raise a user from death under the right conditions. STUDYing the items on the displays will help explain what they do. (OOC: The device uses a favor to invoke and will resurrect you if you die while under its effect. Spell scrolls will not be lost with this type of resurrection. Resurrection will use up a charge, but the devices can be recharged with infuser stones.)"
On the silver display
Item Price Done
slender Eylhaar statuette of pure white glaes 750   
small glossy Enelne figurine of flawless senci 750   
"This extraordinarily magical item will raise a user from death under the right conditions. STUDYing the items on the displays will help explain what they do. (OOC: The device uses a favor to invoke and will resurrect you if you die while under its effect. Spell scrolls will not be lost with this type of resurrection. Resurrection will use up a charge, but the devices can be recharged with infuser stones.)"
On the wooden stand
Item Price Done
half-eaten crystalline apple - Turmar Illumination 150   
stylized eighth note sculpted from gleaming uthamar - Resonance 150   
polished muracite eyelash viper twined around a bricklebranch stick - Drums of the Snake 150   
small platinum statue of Kertigen dressed in flamboyant colors - Platinum Hands of Kertigen 150   
cloudy glass paperweight riddled with partial fractures - Ward Break 150   
"Magical casting devices useable by all! The glass paperweight contains "Ward Break", the crystalline apple contains "Turmar Illumination", the eighth note contains "Resonance", the eyelash viper contains "Drums of the Snake", and the platinum statue contains "Platinum Hands of Kertigen"."
On the onyx worktable
Item Price Done
diamond-hide bound burin fixed with a Zoluren white sapphire - Speed 11/11 77   
small uthamar brazier supported by twisted Sunderstone feet - Speed 11/11 77   
imbuement rod fashioned from a lirisan branch - Speed 11/11 + 99 streams 77   
diamondique large mortar carved with delicate flowers - Speed 11/11 + 50 capacity 77   
"The burin, brazier, and imbuement rod are excellent enchanting tools, while the large mortar has twice the normal holding capacity."
On the ring case
Item Price Done
agonite sigilated ring with wavy edges 125   
narrow sigilated ring of pure white glaes 125   
silvery sigilated ring of involute windsteel 125   
uthamar sigilated ring with glinting angles 125   
tursa sigilated ring with shadowy whorls 125   
dark sigilated ring of rippled diacan 125   
"Sigilated rings can only be attuned and used by Warrior Mages. There is one ring for each element type: agonite for fire, glaes for aether, windsteel for air, uthamar for electricity, tursa for earth, and diacan for water."

Room 3

[Droughtman's Maze, Prize Concourse]
Further continuing from the southern end of the concourse, a massive mural depicts several charioteers locked in fierce and glorious competition along the eastern wall. The chatter of contestants browsing the concourse echoes softly off the marble tile underfoot.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the sungold saucer
Item Price Done
sleeping sungold dragon curled around a huge orb of green and blue starglass 100   
"The sungold dragon on this tray is a spectacular piece indeed. It has 150 charges and can be generally worn."
On the silver salver
Item Price Done
large silver starglass trapped in a web of tyrium 75   
fragile platinum tiara elegantly crowned with a violet starglass heart 75   
four-strand braided gold tiara studded with fiery crimson starglass shards 75   
elegantly curved silver tiara strewn with oceanic blue starglass tears 75   
delicate tiara of gleaming copper vines entwined with emerald starglass leaves 75   
"All the pieces on the salver have 125 charges. The large silver starglass is worn on the upper arm, while the tiaras are worn on the head."
On the gold plate
Item Price Done
antiqued gold signet ring set with blue starglass 50   
"The antique signet ring on this tray has 75 charges."
On the glass tray
Item Price Done
twisted band of purple gold wrapped around a tiny blue and grey swirled starglass 25   
"The starglass band on this tray has 50 charges."
On the plovik leaf
Item Price Done
tree-shaped tome with a blue sana'ati sapling painted upon its cover 102   
"This tome will allow empaths to modify the appearance of their Circle of Sympathy trees into a squat sana'ati sapling with a golden key glowing from its trunk."
On the writing desk
Item Price Done
heavy leather-bound chronicle embellished with an oversized golden key and arch 90   
"The chronicle comes with seventy-five pages to write in."
On the glass dollhouse
Item Price Done
mirrored cube 25   
"The mirrored cube will help you appear like an innocent bystander for five uses. (OOC: It will remove a person's Breaking & Entering cooldown.)"
On the music stand
Item Price Done
smoi leather tambourine carrying case fastened with a sungold buckle 115   !!
"The generally worn tambourine carrying case will hold any two items and the tambourine is very finely crafted."
On the quartz temple
Item Price Done
small portable almsbox of pure white spiritwood 25   
"The portable almsbox will allow a person to donate their coins wherever they happen to be in the world."
On the treasure goblin statue
Item Price Done
lootsack instructions 100   
stacking pinwheel instructions 100   
"The pinwheel instructions will make stackable light thrown pinwheels and have seven uses in them! The lootsack instructions have five uses in them! (OOC: The container made will have autoloot functionality.)"
On the golden pillar
Item Price Done
vardite skeleton key 1250   
"Open sez me!"
On the magma-red pedestal
Item Price Done
magma-red wand capped with a fist-sized steel anvil 500   
"Tired of working on your metal inside? Work on it outside with this!"
On the silversteel holder
Item Price Done
braided morah vine fiber rope 125   
braided Imperial weave climbing rope reinforced with steelsilk 125   
"These ropes will assist in your climbing practice for an unlimited amount of times."
On the blood-red platform
Item Price Done
wispy faeweave bandage 150   
"If you need a bandage, here is a bandage!"
On the sungold bookshelf
Item Price Done
encyclopedic almanac carefully bound with a shadowleaf cover 5000   
"This special almanac will allow you to TURN to a specific chapter for learning purposes."
On the steel hook
Item Price Done
ordinary parcel wrapped with pale grey enaada 75   
"The parcel will stack up to fifteen different "harvested materials" that are used by certain members of society."

Room 4

[Droughtman's Maze, Prize Concourse]
Extending to the northernmost region of the concourse, a massive mural depicts several charioteers locked in fierce and glorious competition. The chatter of contestants browsing the concourse echoes softly off the marble tile underfoot.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On a silk-covered mannequin
Item Price Done
cloud-white faesilk sundress embroidered with scattered colorful flowers against a lattice background 100   
ebon faesilk gown with bouquets of colorful flowers embroidered down the sides 100   
In the gold-swirled vase
Item Price Done
sunset orange Celestial rose 2   
indigo Daybreak rose 2   
violet Dream rose 2   
pure white Innocence rose 2   
carmine Passion rose 2   
golden Sunburst rose 2   
In the scarlet-swirled bowl
Item Price Done
void black Chaos rose 2   
mauve Insanity rose 2   
heretic black Perdition rose 2   
blood red Scorn rose 2   
lavender Secret rose 2   
crimson Shame rose 2   
On the dented platter
Item Price Done
lumpy leather arm pouch with distressed seams 5   
"A man and woman, both in dark cloaks, delivered these and said we could sell them, cheap. We take no responsibility for whatever might be in them. -- Management."
On the ugly stand
Item Price Done
ugly stick 250   
"You're kidding, right?"
On the diamondwood vanity
Item Price Done
thin mirror edged in thin strips of ivory - gaunt 25   
skeletal white mirror - skeletally thin 25   
spindly mirror etched with obscure symbols - spindly 25   
bamboo mirror reflecting a person's build - well-defined 25   
onyx-framed mirror reflecting a person's height - one who towers among others 25   
copper-framed mirror reflecting a person's height - middling height 25   
beech-handled mirror reflecting a person's face shape - high cheekboned kite-shaped face 25   
silverbark-handled mirror reflecting a person's face shape - sculpted diamond-shaped face 25   
small tursa mirror painted with a bestial face 25   
small asini mirror painted with a hatchet-shaped face 25   
small porcelain mirror painted with an aristocratic face 25   
small iron mirror painted with a stern face 25   
"Mirrors on the vanity will change your face shape, height, and figure! Please choose carefully!"
On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
gold-wrapped shoebox 25   
"I found an old set of boxes full of boots in a storehouse. I'm told these boxes have the possibility of some never before seen types of wings, colors, and skins."
On the glass counter
Item Price Done
sapphire mirror featuring locks of calf length hair 25   
ruby mirror featuring locks of hip length hair 25   
rainbow mirror encased within a braided frame - rainbow ombre hair color 25   
crystalline mirror encased within a braided frame - crystalline hair color 25   
small alder mirror featuring a blank face surrounded by peony pink hair 25   
small moabi mirror featuring a blank face surrounded by marigold yellow hair 25   
small osage mirror featuring a blank face surrounded by raven hair 25   
small cocobolo mirror featuring a blank face surrounded by dark chocolate hair 25   
felwood-handled mirror painted with a dirty-haired blank face 25   
avodire-handled mirror painted with a glossy-haired blank face 25   
ramin-handled mirror painted with a frizzy-haired blank face 25   
ilomba-handled mirror painted with a silky-haired blank face 25   
"Mirrors on the counter will change your hair length, hair color, and hair texture! Please choose carefully!"
On the filigree display
Item Price Done
verdant moonsilver compact luminously swirled with lirisan leaf chasing 150   
fragile gais diadem crowned by a glittering sapphire starburst 150   
"The feature compact allows a person to store their features and the gais diadem allows a person to understand all languages."
On the eye sculpture
Item Price Done
oval black mirror painted with merciless eyes 25   
triangular blue mirror painted with cold eyes 25   
round grey mirror painted with tormented eyes 25   
quatrefoil violet mirror painted with dreamy eyes 25   
pale mirror painted with faded eyes 25   
dark mirror painted with wicked eyes 25   
glittery mirror painted with starry eyes 25   
"The mirrors on the eye sculpture will change your eye character! Please choose carefully!"
On the vardite pedestal
Item Price Done
dark tursa storm cloud pierced by bolts of Dalterein diamond - who is sheathed in an aura of crackling electricity 125   
atramentous glaes inkwell - who is enwreathed in vaporous shadows 125   
glittering firefly faceted from a pale green svelae - who is fringed by a sprinkle of blinking fireflies 125   
trio of moons cast from colored gold - who is orbited by three miniature moons 125   
thealstone bee smoker enclosed within a protective wire grid - who is trailed by luminous smoke 125   
nielloed shadowling with tiny nightfire opal eyes - who is haunted by a spectral shadowling 125   
bright silversteel mongoose with eldring eyes - who is hounded by a silvery mongoose 125   
"There is strong magic on the items on this pedestal. If someone rubs the item while wearing it, others will see strange and interesting things surrounding you."
On the gemstone showcase
Item Price Done
fire whirl ruby with a brilliant gold spiraling inclusion 25   
fine Sunderstone with golden ripples clutching bands of rust and blue-grey 25   
pale iceblink peridot permeated by reflective crystal veins 25   
tidal bloodstone displaying blue-tinged sanguine flecks 25   
luminous dreamstone swirled with veins of twilight hues 25   
polished cosmic zircon encompassing a vivid globular inclusion 25   
"The gemstones on the showcase are loose gemstones that are pretty and can be used in various socketed gemstone jewelry. Fair warning, when used in socketed jewelry, only the brief appearance will be shown. These gems cannot be recovered from a tied gem pouch, so please be careful to PUT these in a safe place and not STOW them into a tied pouch."
On the glitvire dresser
Item Price Done
ivory oval mirror reflecting the quirks of a person's hair - with stark white streaks at the temple 25   
frameless square mirror reflecting the quirks of a person's hair - with both sides shaved at the temple 25   
rhomboid haon mirror reflecting the quirks of a person's hair - with a zig-zagging part line 25   
gold tetrahedal mirror reflecting the quirks of a person's hair - showcasing metallic gold dye on the tips of the hair 25   
"Mirrors on the dresser will change your hair quirk! Please choose carefully!"

Room 5

[Droughtman's Maze, Prize Rotunda]
The concourse terminates into an enormous round room encircled by sculpted marble pillars of polished white marble. Covering the domed ceiling of the rotunda, a massive mural depicts a vividly painted labyrinth composed of golden keys.
Obvious exits: south.

Incidental Trade-Ins

on a radiant shamshir dispenser
Item Price Done
origami shamshir 5   No
on a Dream Eater amulet dispenser
Item Price Done
origami amulet 5   No
on a hiromin tower shield dispenser
Item Price Done
origami shield 5   No
on an icesteel wand dispenser
Item Price Done
origami wand 5   No
on a bow and arrow dispenser
Item Price Done
origami arrow 5   No

Raffle Dispensers

An IMPORTANT NOTICE pinned to the walls reads:

"The Owirvald Auction Company proudly presents a chance to obtain rare and wonderous treasure! An unlimited number of origami tickets can be purchased from all dispensers, each one improving your odds at a grand prize or growing your memory orb prize! You can read each dispenser for more details.

Raffle Rules

Winner 1 will be the player with the highest individual ticket total from that dispenser. Winner 1's tickets will then be removed from the pool.

Winner 2 will be drawn at random from the entire remaining pool of tickets purchased from that dispenser. You do not need to be present or even logged in at the time of this drawing to be selected as Winner 2. The live drawing will occur at approximately 8:30pm (Prime), 8:45pm (Plat), and 9pm (TF) ET on Sunday, March 28th.

If you do not win a grand prize from an individual dispenser, then all of your tickets purchased from that dispenser will instead count toward a memory orb prize which will gain 25% drain per ticket you purchased. This singular memory orb prize is created based on all tickets purchased across all dispensers from this event, excluding any dispenser you win a grand prize from.

Raffles and Winners

Prize Prime Platinum The Fallen
oddly serrated dawnfire steel shamshir surrounded in a radiant golden aura Ali (201) Berouz Amythyste (13) Grel
red-veined marble amulet strung upon a simple chain Selithius (150) Ryuho Anomander (20) Dalkin
silvery-white hiromin tower shield constructed to mimic a regal door Phabious (50) Kivian Faerek (6) Hok
engraved icesteel wand capped with a softly glowing starfire topaz Thires (39) Lasaia Uzmam (10) Anomander
elegantly recurved Elothean battle bow of stormtouched smokewood / rimewolf-shaped quiver set with a magnificent Imperial weave and irinai icon Strithas (420) Ndurk Hok (5) Amythyste

Raffle Dispenser Syntax

  • BUY <PRIZENAME>: Purchases a single raffle ticket to the specified item's drawing.
A nearby clerk snatches back the origami <PrizeName> and says, "Oh, no need to hang on to that. We'll handle all the paperwork. See here?" He holds up a ledger for you to see and points at a line with your name. "We've got you covered."
You decide to purchase the <PrizeName>, and pay the sales clerk 5 indicia.
The clerk hands you your ticket.
You can TURN LEDGER to see additional pages. As a matter of manners for others, you'll automatically turn back to the beginning upon READing the last page with information.
Reads the total raffle ticket purchase history for the specified raffle dispenser.
For raffle prize and memory orb information related below:

To claim your raffle consolation prize memory orb(s):