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==OOC Information==
==OOC Information==
Fan Site: http://www.doamm.org
Fan Site: http://www.moonmage.com

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Marcul McRee
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Jiah, Kaelie


You see Philosopher Marcul McRee of the Progeny, an Elothean Moon Mage.
He has tilted almond-shaped milky blue eyes. HIs silver-streaked snow-white hair is very long and fine, and is worn tied back in a thin braided tail.
He has blue-veined skin.
A glistening star-shaped chalcedony rests on his forehead, just above his eyes.
He has a long, narrow, evenly trimmed mustache that falls to either side of the mouth on his upper lip and a narrow goatee twisted into a long braid.
He has a tattoo of six towers on a field of stars encircled by the three Elanthian moons on his wrist.

He is wearing a black satin sash embroidered in scarlet with the symbol of Tezirah, a shadowy black cassock clasped at the shoulder with a Misenseor Abbey pin, a flowing midnight-hued cloak with a deep hood, some steel-toed footwraps with dark steelsilk straps, some polished black leather boots, a blackened steel parry stick with sturdy steelsilk straps, an albredine crystal ring, a silver eyebrow ring accented with three tiny moon-colored gems, a silver knotwork wedding band, and a worked leather staff harness.


Fields of Study: Astrology, History
Devotion: Meraud
Heritage: House of the Silver Star
Birthplace: Shard, Ilithi
Guild: Moon Mage - Progeny of Tezirah.
Known Apprentices: Xzean

Public Involvements

350 - Sent to Zoluren to Study as a Moon Mage.
351 - Began investigative work on Mirror Wraith Prophecy
352 - Founded small network of information gatherers known as the Keepers.
354 - Aided defenders of Zoluren against the Gorbesh.
357 - Welcomed Rakash and Prydaen refugees in Crossings.
357 - Began study of Sorcery and it's connection to the Web of Fate.
359 - Marcul and the Keepers supported defense movements, helping to hold back Lord Sorrow as he advanced on the Crossings.
360 - Present at Prince Belirendrick III's assassination at the DiSilveron Ball.
361 - Supported Khaman as he is appointment to Moon Mage Council.
362 - Glimpsed Tezirah briefly when she appearanced via the Taisgath Obelisk.
363 - Present for the deaths of Sorrow and Prayk.
363 - Temporarily assigned to Therengia, under Baron Jeladric IV, just before he invades Zoluren.
364 - Marcul falls into shadow. Some suspect this is an due to his affinity for sorcerous and necromantic magics.
408 - [spring] Marcul awakens from darkness at the Empath's guild, Crossings.
408 - [summer] - Present at the naming of Grazhir shard Vellano at Fang Cove.
408 - [winter] - Joined Vela'tohr Militia as a scout.
409 -Shopped several places at Guildfest 409.

Notes: It is suspected that Marcul supported Ralel during the L'Karm movements.
He is also known to be a former member of The Lorethew Mentor Society.

OOC Information

Fan Site: http://www.moonmage.com