Alemoshar's Face Painting

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Alemoshar's Face Painting
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Zaldi Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 71a
Owner Alemoshar
# of Rooms 0
Store Type Face paint shops, Cosmetics shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Alemoshar wanders the streets of Horse Clan.
He sleeps during the night (you are unable to order from him when he is sleeping) and wakes up at mid-morning.

Alemoshar is a slender young Elven man with dark eyes and long wavy brown hair. He wears some snug doeskin leggings and a buttonless doeskin shirt, fastened by a wide belt around his waist, that gapes open to reveal his chest. He seems full of confidence, his smile bright and flirtatious as he works applying face paints to the young ladies of the tribe.

Perhaps if you ask him about his paints, he'll offer to do the same for you!

ask alemoshar about face painting
Item Price Done
1) jade ivy leaves around your eyes 1,700   
2) iridescent blue lightning bolts 1,000   
3) grinning skull overlapping your features 2,000   
4) silvery stars running diagonally across your face 1,500   
5) swirling russet leaves along the upper half of your face 1,500   
6) stylized third eye on your forehead 1,000   
7) red and orange flames 1,500   
8) gilded spiderwebs along your temples 1,800   
9) painted eagle feathers around your eyes 1,200   

[If you wish to order something, just ORDER # FROM ALEMOSHAR]