Zaldi Taipa Bowyer

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Zaldi Taipa Bowyer
Province Ilithi
Town Zaldi Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 71a
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Fletching shops, Weapon shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Zaldi Taipa, Bowyer]
Fresh air wafts down from the opening at the apex of the tent, bringing the crisp, golden scent of the grasslands into the room. A tall aspen pole, carved top to bottom with birds in flight, has been pegged so that quivers may be hung from it. Nearby, a deep willow basket edged with the coppery iridescence of pheasant feathers holds an assortment of fletching pouches. You also see a tent flap leading out, a doehide curtain.

On the aspen pole
Item Price Done
pale gold felt quiver banded in briaded plumegrass 671   !!
storm-grey felt quiver laced with braided black horsehair 671   !!
deep crimson felt quiver with a sunburst of cinnabar and fire coral 1,546   !!
midnight blue felt quiver laced with silvery-grey horsehair 671   
white antelope-hide quiver worked with spirals of red-gold amber beads 2,825   No
In the willow basket
Item Price Done
black fletching pouch overlaid with dazzling orange and blue-black oriole feathers 2,892   !!
pale gold fletching pouch with a beaded sunburst of cinnabar and fire coral 2,289   !!
storm-grey felt fletching pouch laced with braided black horsehair 324   !!
sage-green fletching pouch banded in braided plumegrass 365   
white antelope-hide fletching pouch worked with a spiral of red-gold beads 1,939   No
midnight blue fletching pouch beaded with snowflake obsidian and laced with silvery horsehair 16,461   !!

[Zaldi Taipa, Bowyer]
Fabric dyed the color of the winter sky covers a framework of interlaced aspen poles. White felt edged with black goat hide and embroidered with colorful vines and birds drapes the entryway. In the corners, tall willow baskets are filled with fragrant juniper boughs that fill the air with a sharp, cool scent. You also see a doehide curtain, a birchwood stand with some stuff on it, a hickory rack with some stuff on it.

On the birchwood stand
Item Price Done
juniper steppe bow with a silver-beaded black horsehair grip 5,395   !!!!
tamarisk saddle bow with a braided plumegrass grip 4,822   !!
silverbirch saddle bow wrapped with flaxen horsehair braided through carved cinnabar beads 5,298   !!!!
osage heartwood saddle bow inlaid with linked circles of dark horn and pale bone 8,537   !!!!
white oak steppe bow with an agate-beaded bird skull set at each tip 8,965   !!
black oak steppe bow wrapped with grey horsehair twined through polished vertebrae 5,298   !!
On the hickory rack
Item Price Done
tamarisk plains bow with a cascade of silvery goshawk feathers and cinnabar beads dangling from the grip 15,845   !!!!
silverbirch savannah bow wrapped in leather thongs suspending two lapis-beaded bird skulls 20,430   !!!!
silverbirch plains bow tipped with switches of jet-beaded chestnut horsehair 15,004   !!!!
juniper savannah bow with a cascade of russet hawk feathers and jet beads dangling from the grip 15,347   !!!!
white oak plains bow wrapped with chestnut horsehair twined through bone beads 15,347   !!!!
tamarisk plains bow with flowing strands of white owl feathers and agate beads at the tip 17,617   !!