Chieftan's chadir

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This is the residence of the leader of Zaldi Taipa, found in the SW portion of the Clan. It contains 3 rooms and houses a wandering wolfhound. The front room, detailed here, also offers refreshments for guests.

[Zaldi Taipa, Chieftain's Chadir]
Wooden latticework lines the white felt interior of the spacious chadir, its slats running upward to the 'sky-door' -- a circular roof opening covered with azure silk. In this central area meant for greeting visitors, the crisp scent of grass floor mats mixes with the welcoming aroma of warm aszal and other treats set out on an oak table. Vivid colors cloak the walls in scenes of clan life depicted on a series of tapestries, while clouded arzumos furs cover the entrances to the living areas. You also see a dark grey wolfhound, some oak and suede chairs and a flap leading out of the tent.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the oak table carved with a pattern of twining leaves
Item Price Done
a braised kid pahodei stuffed with honey-soaked wild crabapples and seasoned with sassafras 0   
a cup of salty milk tea 0   
a corked jug of warm aszal 0   
a roasted bison heart stuffed with whole onions and coated with a layer of minced garlic 0   
a bowl of bean thread noodles in a cold aszal-flavored dipping sauce garnished with slivers of green onions 0   
a shot of clear fanasu 0