Yasnah's Cashmere

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Yasnah's Cashmere
Province Ilithi
Town Horse Clan
Map Ranik's Map 71a
Owner Yasnah
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Zaldi Taipa, Yasnah's Cashmere]
Fresh rushes and sweet grass cover the floor, crackling with each step and making the air smell of meadows and sunshine. Thick deobar crossbeams stretch upwards from the stout center pole like the branches of a short but sturdy tree. You also see an oiled willow shelf with some stuff on it, a squat black iron stove with claw feet, some thick felted cushions, a high-backed spinner's chair with some stuff on it, a felted tent flap, a worn pine bench with some stuff on it.

On the oiled willow shelf
Item Price Done
twisted horn torque etched with spiraling and angular pictographs 1,818   !!
slender horn ring carved in bas-relief 568   
On the high-backed spinner's chair
Item Price Done
beautifully draped cashmere cloak edged with delicately crafted ivory colored horses 19,483   
lacy cashmere over-skirt edged with dainty needle woven snowflakes 19,483   
On the worn pine bench
Item Price Done
cozy cream shawl with alternating bands of chocolate and black 5,253   !!
finely woven shawl in ever deepening shades of grey 4,546   
misty grey milkmaid's shawl 4,546   !!
lacy cashmere shawl woven with alternating diamonds of cream and black 6,819