Carwu Taipen

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The Carwu Taipen, a Wind Elf, is the female leader of the Horse Clan, along with the Indar Taipen, her male counterpart. Carwu Taipen is Elven for "Heart of the Clan," from the words "carwu" (heart), "taipa" (clan), and "-en" (genitive ending). Carwu Taipen is a title rather than a name for an individual, as there will be different ones over time. The book The Tale of Inicarwu and the Sulde Taala states that the Indar Taipen and Carwu Taipen are often brother and sister. The book The Elven Folk states that Horse Clan is an offshoot of the Wind Elves, which are themselves governed by husband and wife, Falcon and Bright.