Lamb's Shank

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The Lamb's Shank
Province Ilithi
Town Horse Clan
Map Ranik's Map 71a
Owner Madikh
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Zaldi Taipa, The Lamb's Shank]
Long, spotlessly clean tables line the spacious dining area, comfortable padded benches pulled up at each one. The air is redolent with the odor of spicy foods, various teas, and the crisp scent of grass mats on the ground. From just outside, the cheerful clatter of cooking over open grills can be heard. Large panels with mesh inserts have been cut along the sides of the tent so that the walls can be rolled up in the summer or dropped and snugly secured in cold weather.
You also see a tent flap leading out and a quiet corner screened by a length of heavy felt.
Obvious exits: none.

Ask Madikh for food
Item Price Done
1) maple sugar 15   !!
2) grilled white-footed mouse stuffed with a whole riverbank grape 10   
3) desert cottontail stew with roasted root vegetables 40   
4) fresh baked lasnecorec 5   !!
5) cold rice and pickled beets salad 35   
6) saddle-tenderized roasted jackrabbit 75   !!
7) dried curd soup with ripe chokeberries 40   
8) deep-fried terati filled with chopped wild crabapples 15   !!
9) grilled ringtail with a wild plum glaze 60   
10) creamy rice soup garnished with slivers of green onion 40   
11) poached woodchuck pahodei seasoned with white prairie clover 25   !!
12) persimmon wine 15   
13) deep-fried lamb-tail fat 10   !!
14) deep-fried terati filled with sweetened persimmons 15   !!
15) salad of fresh-picked grasses sprinkled with a dewberry vinegar 35   !!
16) deep-fried terati filled with honey-coated hickory nuts 15   
17) deep-fried terati filled with sweetened mulberries and walnuts 15   !!
18) shredded carrot and slivered garlic salad 35   !!
19) steamed yak pahodei with chunks of roasted turnips 25   !!
20) fire-roasted bison tenderloin with a minced garlic crust 100   
21) steamed minced goat pahodei with peppergrass seasoning 25   !!
22) roasted-rice tea 25   !!
23) deep-fried terati filled with sweetened gooseberries and pecans 15   !!
24) stewed vole pahodei with a thick sweet fennel sauce 25   !!
25) clear fanasu 40   
26) fried antelope pahodei with honey-soaked golden currants 25   
27) clear mutton broth with a crusty heel of bread 40   
28) braised lamb pahodei with a mixture of potato and carrots 25   
29) sassafras tea 15   !!
30) salad of assorted blossoms accented with wolf berries 35   !!
31) salty milk tea 25   
32) warm aszal 30   
can eat in the nearby tent if you want