Ela's Equine Supplies

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Ela's Equine Supplies
Province Ilithi
Town Horse Clan
Map Ranik's Map 71a
Owner Ela
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Tack shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Zaldi Taipa, Ela's Equine Supplies]
All kinds of tack and horse supplies fill the inside of the tent. Saddles and bridles, halters and combs -- everything a horse could need is contained in this tent. An important-looking sign painted with various images of horses hangs over a pile of trunks and baskets, and a large feed box sits nearby. You also see Stablemaster Ela and a flap leading out of the tent.

ask ela about tack
Item Price Done
supple pitch black leather saddle 20,000   No
cured leather bridle set with engraved triangular silver plates 3,000   
soft saddle pad sewn with multi-hued felt patches 2,250   No
tan horse blanket covered in spiraling blue designs 1,750   No
hand-loomed black and white checked saddle pad 2,250   No
soft woven blanket edged with plush fringe 2,025   No
heavy gold-riveted saddle 48,200   
buffed leather saddle with reinforced steel stirrups 24,000   No
deep black heavy blanket 1,500   No
soft leather saddle adorned with hundreds of tiny seed beads 46,000   No
soft leather bridle with golden links 4,700   No
supple leather bridle set with multicolored beads 2,000   No
hand-tooled leather saddle with embossed silver plates 40,000   
braided lead rope 100   
pitch black leather bridle 1,500   No
cured leather saddle 23,000   No
thick handwoven blanket edged with tiny rosettes 4,500   No
thick suede-backed saddle pad 1,500   No
supple saddle pad edged with beads and feathers 1,500   
cured leather halter 1,000   No
tightly woven blanket with a diamond and stripe pattern 5,075   No
deep blue hand-woven saddle pad embroidered with a galaxy of stars 3,050   
braided leather bridle 1,875   No
ask ela about grooming
Item Price Done
teak-handled stiff brush 500   No
well-crafted mane and tail brush 300   No
brushed silver curry comb 1,760   No
sturdy hoof pick 1,600   No
ask ela about food
Item Price Done
cube of salt 10   
fine grain 2,500   No
sweet carrot 7   
fresh hay 75   
large red apple 10   

[Zaldi Taipa, Ela's Equine Supplies]
Cut off from the rest of the tent by an elaborate screen, this back room is filled with the pleasant scent of leather. The walls are draped with heavy wool tapestries in fine-lined geometric patterns, their simplicity providing a perfect background for the array of available tack crafted in traditional style by the artisans of Horse Clan. You also see a display with some stuff on it, a stand with some stuff on it, a rack with some stuff on it, and a table with some stuff on it.

On the display
Item Price Done
white saddle skirted with saffron silk and rows of tiny copper bells 40,590   
black saddle skirted with green-on-gold silk and onyx-beaded tassels 42,394   
black saddle skirted with gold-on-red silk and black tassels 40,590   
black saddle skirted with blue-on-black silk and silver tassels 41,266   
On the stand
Item Price Done
brown saddle with a silver crocodile-head pommel 50,512   
tawny saddle with a gold eagle-head pommel 67,965   
dark leather saddle with a gold jaguar-head pommel 42,394   
black leather saddle with a silver gryphon-head pommel 50,512   
On the rack
Item Price Done
dark blue saddle blanket fringed with a row of glossy black crow feathers 3,382   
stark white saddle blanket bordered with a black-on-red whirlwind pattern 2,706   
crimson saddle blanket bordered with a pattern of crouching jaguars 2,706   
deep green saddle blanket edged with a silvery-grey stormcloud pattern 2,706   
On the table
Item Price Done
bridle wrapped in russet silk with beaded eagle feathers dangling from the bit 40,590   
bridle wrapped in crimson silk with onyx jaguar amulets across the browband 40,590   
braided leather bridle with a radiant copper sunburst centering the browband 45,100   
bridle wrapped in blue silk with silver arrow amulets across the browband 45,100   
bridle wrapped in white silk with jet-black crow feathers dangling from the bit 40,590