Jahtinit's Corner

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Jahtinit's Corner
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Zaldi Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 71a
Owner Jahtinit
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Music shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Cleric shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Zaldi Taipa, Jahtinit's Corner]
Sweet-smelling cedar has been carved to shape a low table that is cluttered with the current projects of the Jan Taipen's apprentice. Feathers, bundles of sage, little bowls holding half-carved beads, and even a bird skeleton or two crowd the work area. Nearby, completed items are arranged neatly, and hawk-wing fans hang on the walls, their beadwork glinting softly in the light. You also see a carved horn stand with some stuff on it, a low cedar table with some stuff on it, Jahtinit, the main tent, a pine display with some stuff on it, a small alder table with a carved cedar warding bead box on it.

on the carved horn stand
Item Price Done
indigo-dyed lizard skulls suspended from a black horsehair cord 9,114   !!
jet-inlaid tortoise skull suspended from a chestnut horsehair cord 13,558   !!
cluster of claws and scarlet feathers suspended from a flaxen horsehair cord 8,908   !!
cluster of turquoise-beaded owl talons suspended from a silvery horsehair cord 9,443   !!
belled snake skull suspended from a grey horsehair cord 8,998   !!
red-beaded bird skull suspended from a black horsehair cord 8,411   !!
on the low cedar table
Item Price Done
river cane flute adorned with raven feathers 4,510   !!
physalis with an ornately carved rosewood pipe 4,510   !!
bamboo didjeridu painted with images of horses 6,765   !!
river cane flute adorned with eagle feathers 4,510   !!
crude physalis with a simple pine pipe 2,818   !!
ironwood didjeridu painted to resemble a serpent 6,765   !!
musical instruments
on the pine display
Item Price Done
robe of glossy black fox fur clasped with a medallion of iridescent blue-green hummingbird feathers 112,750   !!
heavy bison robe trimmed with loops of hawk feathers and clasped with a radiant copper sunburst 166,870   !!
robe of tawny black-tipped coyote fur clasped with a medallion of bright gold meadowlark feathers 126,280   !!
plush silver rabbit fur robe trimmed with crow feathers and clasped with a spiral of bone 94,710   !!
item-hiding robes
on the small alder table
Item Price Done
carved cedar warding bead box - Contains some warding beads 108,240   !!