Anaylisse's Felterie

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Anaylisse's Felterie
Province Ilithi
Town Horse Clan
Map Ranik's Map 71a
Owner Anaylisse
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Tack shops, Jewelry shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Zaldi Taipa, Anaylisse's Felterie]
Color abounds everywhere within this warm and cozy place. Vibrant hues echo about the circular walls in beautifully crafted tapestries. A sky of midnight blue felt sprinkled with crystal stars forms the roof, supported by a thick central pole of dark, polished deobar. You also see a worn oak table with some stuff on it, a sloping pine display with some stuff on it, a crooked pine shelf with some stuff on it, a tent flap leading out.

On the worn oak table
Item Price Done
stark white shaman's robe 10,824   !!
finely crafted amulet of stone and horsehair 4,510   
On the sloping pine display
Item Price Done
deep brown felt uuzhal trimmed in blue and green silk 22,550   
beribboned sky-blue felt uuzhal stitched with vibrant red-gold peonies 22,550   !!
vibrant red felt uuzhal decorated with multi-colored silk 22,550   !!
soft ivory felt uuzhal trimmed with gold and black knot-work 22,550   
On the crooked pine shelf
Item Price Done
dainty blue felt slippers 14,432   
dark blue felt gutalles 22,550   
deep black felt gutalles 22,550   
dainty grey felt slippers 14,432   
dainty rose felt slippers 14,432   
dainty violet felt slippers 14,432   !!
deep red felt gutalles 22,550   !!
dark brown felted gutalles 22,550   

[Zaldi Taipa, Anaylisse's Felterie]
The warm glow of oil lamps reveal baskets of felt creations in various stages of construction lined up like toy soldiers against the walls. Balls of colored silk and finely spun wool fill one large crate, mounded like gems on a Trader's table. A slender pole of polished oak supports the roof, where silk-clad dancers with bracelet covered wrists spin and twirl on pointed toes to the soundless music of the felt-crafted musicians stitched about the walls. You also see a three-legged blanket stand with some stuff on it, a scarred oak worktable with some stuff on it.

On the three-legged blanket stand
Item Price Done
deep gold saddle blanket 13,530   !!
bright red saddle blanket 13,530   
dark blue saddle blanket 13,530   
On the scarred oak worktable
Item Price Done
lamb broth with spiced potato dumplings 0   !!
hot milky tea laced with cinnamon and clove 0   !!