Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el

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Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Leth Deriel
Map Ranik's Map 62a
Owner Trevellyn, Margaeli KyrlianMargaeli Kyrlian
# of Rooms 7
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Wedding shops, Estate Holder shops
This store only accepts Kronars

See also the Party Planning section for Tamsine's Rest, the office for which is up the stairs and thru the 1st door.

Clerical Supplies

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Clerical Supplies]
Tucked away in a corner under the stairs is a small counter displaying robes, vestments, altar cloths and other embroidered clerical accessories. From its perch atop an ornate newel post, a tabby cat carved of lunat wood surveys the hall, just one of the many symbols of the gentle domestic goddess which fill the abbey buildings. Though crafted of lifeless wood, some minor trick of the artist causes the cat's inquiring eyes to appear to follow all who enter the house.
You also see a low lintel with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the low lintel
Item Price Done
black samite mantle patterned with drifting snowflakes 37,500   !!
black-streaked scarlet velvet mantle with a jagged iron clasp 62,500   !!
cascading mantle of shimmering sea-hued silk clasped with a silvery grey pearl 25,000   !!
ceremonial mantle of mottled black silk fastened with a ghostly white moonstone 18,750   !!
dark cerulean silk mantle clasped with snowflake obsidian 73,750   !!
flowing midnight-blue samite mantle with a lapis lazuli clasp 37,500   !!
gold-clasped snow-white mantle covered with the shapes of falling leaves 75,000   
gold-threaded sable mantle fastened with a piece of carved red jasper 50,000   
long ceremonial mantle of supple moss-green suede fastened with cat's eye quartz 31,250   
long ruby-clasped mantle of soft suede tooled with a scale pattern 31,250   !!
opal-clasped samite mantle dyed in brilliant hues of flame 37,500   !!
plain mantle of stark black wool fastened with a small bone carving 2,500   !!
pleated ceremonial mantle of heavy white silk clasped with a carved silver oval 15,000   !!
ragged shadow-gray leather mantle fastened with a clasp of twisted steel 15,000   !!
simple mantle of soft fawn-brown cotton fastened with a carving of maple wood 15,000   !!
undyed lambswool mantle clasped with an intricately etched bronze disk 2,500   !!
Rotating Stock
On the counter
Item Price Done
black and white linen robe embroidered with a magpie perched on a bridge connecting the light with the dark 50,000   !!
black silk robe embroidered with an intricate pattern of silver lightning bolts and trimmed with a ruff of grey owl feathers 60,000   !!
black velvet robe embroidered with hundreds of dark eyes and clasped by a silver shrike 40,000   !!
blue-green linen robe embroidered with scenes of playful merfolk and fastened by a golden albatross clasp 50,000   !!
bright green robe embroidered with hops and barley and fastened with ram's horn buttons 50,000   !!
cream colored linen robe adorned with a yoke of intricately tied golden ribbons decorated with dove feathers 35,000   !!
dark blue robe embroidered with two weasels on a background of twisting blue-white lightning 60,000   No
dark fustian robe clasped with a ruby-eyed onyx adder eating its tail and embroidered with a fleet black unicorn 50,000   !!
dark grey robe embroidered with a pair of coyotes howling against a pattern of silvery raindrops 45,000   !!
dark grey robe with a jet-black fur yoke shaped like the face of an amber-eyed black wolf 50,000   !!
dark wool robe embroidered with an orange-red pattern reminiscent of flowing lava and clasped by an onyx viper eating its tail 130,000   !!
dramatic black silk robe embroidered with leaping red-gold flames and fastened by a majestic golden phoenix clasping a silver flute 65,000   !!
enveloping black silk robe embroidered with dozens of wildly dancing silver herons 45,000   !!
flowing ivory silk robe adorned with dozens of tiny bronze wren charms on fluttering multi-colored ribbons 35,000   !!
green suede tunic with a dark brown leather collar embossed with gilded wolverines 40,000   !!
leaf-green pleated linen robe embroidered along the front placket with sheaves of grain and healing herbs 70,000   !!
leather apron embossed with dancing welkins along the bib 10,000   No
midnight-blue silk robe embroidered with a nightingale singing against a background of glittering crystal stars 130,000   !!
oddly shifting multi-color robe clasped by a pair of tiny onyx shrews 130,000   !!
pale blue woolen robe embroidered with a pair of golden king snakes twining about the v-shaped yoke 65,000   !!
pale yellow linen robe deepening to rose near the hem and embroidered with sheaves of grain along the v-shaped yoke 45,000   !!
pleated linen tunic with a wide leather collar embossed with wild boars 40,000   !!
pleated white linen robe embroidered with an ox chewing a mouthful of healing herbs 40,000   
pure white linen robe embroidered with prancing white unicorns on a faint background pattern of leaves 130,000   !!
sea-green pleated linen robe embroidered with leaping dolphins and merfolk along the front placket and faint grey sharks along the hem 130,000   !!
smoky-black hooded silk robe lined with red silk and embroidered with an all-over pattern of faint grey spiderwebs 47,500   !!
soft nightsilk robe set with small obsidian stars and clasped at the high collar by a jet panther twining around the neck 130,000   No
softly pleated linen robe embroidered along the yoke with playful tabby cats chasing feathers against a faint pattern of spiderwebs 90,000   !!
softly pleated scarlet robe with a fringe of golden-beaded raven feathers about the yoke 85,000   !!
stone-grey woolen robe embroidered with a rearing cobra on a background of gems 65,000   !!
storm-grey linen robe embroidered with a pattern of tossing white waves and fastened with a gleaming shark tooth 45,000   !!
sumptuous red velvet brocade robe appliqued with a picture of a donkey eating a heart-shaped tart 90,000   !!
white kidskin kilt with a wide blood-red leather belt embossed with a galloping centaur 40,000   No
white silk robe embroidered with wild-eyed gremlins and black-masked raccoons 50,000   No
Rotating Stock

Travel Fashions

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Travel Fashions]
A row of diamond-paned windows lines the outer wall, offering a view of the abbey in the distance. Nearby, a group of mannequins have been arranged to display a selection of cloaks, coats and jackets suitable for both men and women. Boots and other footwear are neatly stacked on the dark oak shelves which line the inner wall of the room.
You also see a discreet sign and an archway.
Obvious exits: north.

A discreet sign reads:

All items sold in this room have small pockets, suitable for holding a few prized possessions.

On the oak shelves
Item Price Done
black shiny leather dress brogans 6,250   !!
high-heeled slouched leather boots 35,000   !!
buffed black leather riding boots with bronze rowel spurs 48,000   !!
soft brown calf-high forester's boots 40,000   
pair of low leather boots buckled with a silver bear claw 35,000   No
deep blue riding boots with gold piping along the front seam 45,000   !!
polished black leather boots with gold-trimmed leather tassels 45,000   No
pair of polished black leather knee boots 15,000   No
dark green side-laced suede boots with copper trim 40,000   !!
On the arrangement of mannequins
Item Price Done
sweeping black silk cloak embroidered with a spiraling band of silvery stars 135,000   
short brown lady's jacket 29,375   
deep red velvet cape with a white fur collar and a golden gryphon clasp 110,000   !!
golden cashmere cloak with a shawl collar of dark brown rabbit fur 100,000   !!
wheat-colored linen cloak with a dark green copper-tipped suede collar 90,000   
blue velvet brocade cloak with a sapphire-eyed golden hippogryph clasp 175,000   !!
charcoal-grey wool cape clasped with a carved ruby phoenix on a background of golden flames 220,000   !!
finely-woven pale rose wool cloak embroidered with tiny white starflowers 95,000   !!
finely-woven dark wool cloak fastened with silver-tasseled laces 90,000   !!
slate grey cape run through with subtle sage green threads 90,000   

Gentlemen's Attire

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Gentlemen's Attire]
Wicker mannequins are grouped about a polished rosewood table on the far end of the room. Despite the lack of features, the arrangement has an air of genial conviviality, reinforced by the formal clothing dressing the mannequins and the red-stemmed champagne glasses upon the small rosewood occasional table. A workbasket and half-finished jacket lie upon a chair in the corner, waiting for the tailor to return and finish his work.
You also see a beechwood valet and a tailor's dummy with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

In the beechwood valet
Item Price Done
elegant white silk shirt with pleated sleeves and ruffled cuffs 12,500   !!
pair of heavy black wool trousers piped in grey and gold 3,125   No
pair of fine kid gloves stitched at the wrist with rich blue piping 7,500   
black leather suspenders with silver fittings 2,500   !!
pair of white trousers with blue silk morning glories climbing the seam 25,000   
exquisitely tailored black breeches of leather-trimmed spidersilk 55,375   !!
dark grey spidersilk socks 5,625   !!
glossy black silk hat lined with silvery satin 10,000   !!
pair of supple grey suede gloves with fine silver stitching 10,000   
exquisite sapphire silk sash with crimson embroidery along the edges 13,750   !!
cornsilk yellow shirt with red coral buttons 35,000   !!
soft midnight blue cotton pants with silver embroidery along the seams 9,000   
On the wicker mannequins
Item Price Done
dark green velvet doublet edged with white rabbit fur and embroidered with a golden coat-of-arms 65,000   !!
dark grey carved-velvet surcoat edged with ermine 95,000   No
dark grey cashmere split-tailed jacket with a silver lining and onyx turtle-shell buttons 45,000   !!
deep umber vest with polished jet buttons 15,000   !!
full-sleeved black doublet with silver-hemmed slashing which reveals a finely woven white linen shirt beneath 50,000   !!
knee-length amber silk surcoat embroidered with shimmering red-gold leaves 90,000   !!
midnight-blue crushed velvet doublet with gold trim about the shoulders 45,000   
royal blue damask doublet edged with gold piping along the shark-tooth hem 50,000   
soft brown velvet tunic edged with embroidery along the dagged sleeves 65,000   
stylish silver satin vest with emerald embroidery along the seams and golden turtle-shell buttons 30,000   
subdued red and grey collarless jacket 10,000   
Rotating Stock
On the tailor's dummy
Item Price Done
tailored red silk cummerbund 7,500   
polished black leather shoes 5,250   No
formal black wool jacket with carved onyx buttons 17,500   !!
elegant black spidersilk waistcoat with grey leather piping 43,125   No
formal sash of black and grey brocade fringed with heavy gold 6,250   !!
jaunty black hat 11,500   !!
pleated black wool trousers 11,000   !!
full-sleeved white silk shirt 10,000   !!
waist-length fitted wool jacket trimmed with braid 3,750   
fitted dress shirt of dove-grey linen 6,250   !!

Women's Clothing

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Women's Clothing]
Vases of roses have been placed upon marble pedestals about the edges of the room, the sweet scent perfuming the air and the clothing on display. Trevellyn's offers an ever-changing supply of fine garments, crafted by the students of the Abbey of Tamsine's Rest.
You also see some sliding oak doors, a skirt rack with a few things on it, a low table with several things on it, an oak wardrobe, a lunat display with several things on it, a group of wicker mannequins with several things on it and an ebonwood shoe tree with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: north.

On the skirt rack
Item Price Done
flowing skirt of soft mulberry silk with gold beading 12,500   !!
long black flared skirt trimmed with imported Elothean lace 20,000   
long midnight-blue skirt fastened with a silver dolphin clasp 15,000   
ruffled skirt of soft dove-grey silk 18,750   
stunning ankle-length skirt of swirling tangerine silk 15,000   
swirling floor-length skirt of malachite-green silk 13,750   
tiered skirt of white silk with embroidered pawprints 28,750   
Rotating Stock
On the low table
Item Price Done
amber chiffon dress embroidered with ivory silk 25,000   !!
auburn velvet gown with chocolate-brown highlights 27,500   !!
claret smock embroidered with creamy gardenias 15,000   !!
formal Katamba-black spidersilk gown laced with gold chains 131,250   No
light blue taffeta ballgown 43,750   !!
lightweight calf-length dress in peach voile 31,250   
opulent crimson and gold ballgown of satin and velvet 62,500   
opulent crimson ballgown 43,750   
pale pink gown with a billowing skirt and a fitted bodice 43,125   
pale rose taffeta dancing gown trimmed with cream ribbons 13,750   
scoop-necked blue and white party dress with a flaring skirt 6,250   
soft violet damask gown with gossamer sleeves 11,875   
winsome white silk sundress embroidered with twining woodland violets 31,250   
Rotating Stock
In the oak wardrobe
Item Price Done
dignified gown of deep cerulean velvet with long sleeves and a flaring skirt 27,987   !!
formal brocade gown patterned in rose leaves 30,000   No
vivid emerald silk gown patterned with butterflies 45,000   
formal dark jade gown trimmed with snow-white lace 43,750   !!
iridescent golden satin gown with tiny crystal buttons 20,000   !!
chocolate-colored silk gown shot with golden thread 27,500   !!
modest watered silk gown dyed river-blue and celadon 45,000   
gown of rich red Elothean silk patterned with golden jungle lilies 135,000   !!
formal ink-black damask gown 15,000   !!
On the lunat display
Item Price Done
elegant cream-colored batiste blouse with golden star-shaped buttons 22,500   No
form-fitting bodice of malachite-green suede laced with a silver chain 12,500   !!
loose black silk blouse trimmed with imported Elothean lace 20,000   
peacock-green silk blouse embroidered with a tiny seated wolf 31,250   
sleek front-laced bodice of rich tangerine suede 12,500   
snow-white suede bodice patterned with inkhorne silhouettes 12,500   
tailored midnight-blue linen blouse with silver dolphin buttons 11,875   
Rotating Stock
On the wicker mannequins
Item Price Done
ankle-length violet gown with dark satin accents at the waist and sleeves 40,000   !!
charming off-the-shoulder lavender satin gown with short puffed sleeves trimmed with white lace 37,500   !!
clingy floor-length gown beaded with sparkling sequins 50,000   !!
close-fitting lavender dress with a clinging pleated skirt 25,000   !!
damask rose gown cinched in the back with an elaborate bow 50,000   !!
dark blue watered-silk gown embroidered with golden bumblebees along the dropped waist and scattered about the full skirt 97,500   !!
deep blue velvet gown with a fragile white lace train flowing from the shoulders to trail along the ground 60,000   !!
elegant blue-grey gown with an airy silk train 40,000   !!
elegant fuchsia satin gown with dropped waist and lace-trimmed puff sleeves 50,000   No
elegant pale silver gown with a beaded top 45,000   No
elegant red velvet gown edged with white rabbit fur along the low neckline and flowing train 95,000   !!
elegant sapphire-blue silk gown with a sparkling crystal-beaded black lace overskirt 130,000   !!
floral cap-sleeved frock with a cutwork hem 25,625   !!
full-length cream-colored satin gown with a full trailing skirt 43,750   !!
full-skirted brilliant emerald silk gown 40,000   !!
full-skirted violet silk gown trimmed with ivory lace along the hem and low neckline 45,000   !!
highwaisted vivid green dress appliqued at the hem with tall linen grass blades 50,000   !!
pale green batiste gown with dainty shadow embroidery rosebuds along the sleeves and neckline 90,000   
pale jonquil satin gown with a black lace collar and overskirt 30,000   
pale peach linen dress trimmed with stiff white silk roses along the bodice 90,000   
pewter-grey silk gown with a tiered skirt 25,000   
sinuous garnet-hued gown 27,500   
sun-hued gossamer ballgown 70,000   
sunset orange frock painted with tall yellow daffodils 25,000   
translucent floral gown lined with a short blue silk shift 35,000   
unbleached linen frock stitched with white cotton lace 20,000   
vibrant fuchsia dress with a cluster of silk rosettes at the base of its plunging back 40,000   No
violet silk empire-waist gown with a sparkling crystal-beaded black lace bodice 60,000   
Rotating Stock
On the shoe tree
Item Price Done
dainty black velvet slippers with polished silver buckles 12,500   !!
pair of deep crimson kid slippers laced with gold braid 1,500   
pair of beaded ivory slippers laced with satin ribbon 2,500   
pair of slender heeled slippers covered in white silk 12,500   
pair of soft kidskin slippers with delicate crystal heels 12,500   No
pair of soft tangerine suede slippers 8,125   
pair of vibrant malachite silk slippers 10,000   
pale ivory velvet slippers with triangular gold buckles 10,000   
pale pink satin slippers with rose grosgrain ankle-laces 10,000   
sky blue satin slippers tied with tiny green ribbons 10,000   No
Rotating Stock

Bridal Fashions

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Bridal Fashions]
Elven seamstresses bustle about, carrying bolts of fabric, fragile lace and fragrant flower petals. In one corner, a dressmaker's dummy is swathed in yard after yard of creamy silk, held in place by pins. A padded bench has been placed beneath a lattice arch, forming a small and cozy alcove where customers may sit and chat while they examine the merchandise.
You also see a billowing white silk curtain, some porcelain heads with several things on it, a velvet display case with several things on it, a group of wicker mannequins with several things on it and a discreet sign.
Obvious exits: south.

A discreet sign reads:

"Note - Some of our bridal veils are worn in the hair.  
For our customers without hair, please appraise the veil before purchasing to determine if it is 
worn on the head or in the hair.  Veils worn in the hair will not be wearable by customers without 
hair, as the weight of the veil will simply pull the headdress off if it is not properly anchored."
On the porcelain heads
Item Price Done
delicate white lace veil with sewn sparkling crystal beads 35,000   !!
elegant rose lace veil with scalloped edges 35,000   No
small white hat hung with a delicate tea-colored lace veil 25,000   No
heavy white veil crowned with stiff peach-colored silk roses 30,000   !!
wreath of dried white rosebuds and blue silk forget-me-nots twined with soft tulle veiling 20,000   
circlet of twining silk ivy and wood violets tied with a soft tulle bow 9,000   !!
On the wicker mannequins
Item Price Done
clinging amber silk kirtle with close fitting sleeves and a gold-shot ivory brocade overtunic lined with red rabbit fur 50,000   !!
close-fitting kirtle of pale ivory silk with long narrow sleeves and a sable-trimmed gold brocade overtunic 160,000   !!
dainty drop-waist spidersilk gown embroidered with a faint pattern of white roses along the bodice 70,000   !!
diaphanous Xibar-blue gown with crystal beadwork 41,862   !!
drop-waisted cream silk gown embroidered with pale blue sirese blossoms along the short puffed sleeves and scooped neckline 50,000   !!
elegant empire-waisted gown of pale pink satin with a beaded white lace jacket 40,000   No
full-skirted ivory silk gown with pale pink rosebuds embroidered along tiny pin-tucked pleats on the bodice 45,000   !!
gently clinging ivory silk kirtle with a deep amber overtunic embroidered in a pattern of grapevines and tiny ruby grapes 175,000   !!
glimmering white gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt 100,000   !!
grey spun silk wedding dress with a square neckline 48,431   !!
leaf-green silk kirtle with a deep amber surcoat edged with snowbeast fur 165,000   !!
off-the-shoulder pleated ivory silk tunic edged with sable along the neckline 140,000   
pale peach wedding gown of softly flowing spidersilk edged with delicate lace rosebuds along the hem and sweeping train 50,000   
platinum-hued samite gown 90,000   
sleeveless cream silk tunic gathered at the waist with golden ribbons before falling in gentle folds to the floor 40,000   
sleeveless floor-length gown of pristine alabaster spidersilk 56,250   !!
white off-the-shoulder brocade gown trimmed with tea-colored lace at the waist and hem 50,000   No
Rotating Stock
On the display case
Item Price Done
cream-colored wrap with patterned beading at both ends 13,750   !!
dangling spidersilk reticule with swirling beadwork 37,500   !!
fine ivory wool wrap 10,000   !!
fitted ivory brocade gown with narrow flaring sleeves 62,500   !!
pair of ivory satin elbow-length gloves 15,000   No
pair of white lace gloves 6,250   
pair of white satin elbow-length gloves decorated with tiny seed pearls 25,000   
pale ivory wrap of spun spidersilk 28,937   
beaded brocade wrist purse 10,000   !!
dangling spidersilk reticule with swirling beadwork 37,500   !!
embroidered silk handkerchief 10,000   !!
Rotating Stock

The Bridal Blush (Estate Holder)

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, The Bridal Blush]
Gaily decorated with silk flowers and yard upon yard of lace and tulle, the brilliant white walls exhibit a wide variety of wedding attire and accessories. Brides-to-be cluster around the wares, commenting on the trendiest fashions for their own fairytale weddings.
You also see a silk-lined wicker display with several things on it, a billowing white silk curtain, some polished mahogany shelves with several things on it, some gilded mannequins with several things on it, a tiered mahogany table with several things on it and a parchment sign.
Obvious exits: north.

A parchment sign reads:

"~ Please be sure that you verify your purchase before it is made final -- with so many items to choose from, 
it can be easy for our clerks to become confused unless you're very specific about which item you'd like. ~"

On a silk-lined wicker display
Item Price Done
cascading bouquet of luscious white roses and trailing Elven ivy wrapped in ivory lace 1,000   
cheerful bouquet of sunny marigolds wrapped with a trailing white satin ribbon 562   No
dainty bouquet of pale pink rosebuds and white daisies tied with a slender ribbon 562   
fragrant red rose bouquet bound by a shimmering golden tulle ribbon 625   No
nightsilk-bound bouquet of indigo nightshade blossoms paired with deep pink foxglove flowers 2,500   No
vibrant bouquet of brilliant pink azaleas and white rosebuds bound with a platinum-hued ribbon 875   No
elaborate bouquet of cascading white hyacinths with clusters of snowflowers bound by Elothean lace 1,812   No
The inventory of a silk-lined wicker display rotates.
On a polished mahogany shelves
Item Price Done
delicate ivory silk garter wrapped in slender white ribbons 1,375   !!
frilly white lace garter ringed with pink diamond hearts 43,750   !!
ivory satin garter edged in lustrous seed pearls 1,500   !!
lace-edged white silk garter festooned with pale blue ribbons 1,750   No
pale blue silk garter edged with diaphanous white Elothean lace 2,250   
pure white suede garter with a dainty platinum buckle 50,000   
ruffled white satin garter with a blue diamond heart nestled in its folds 22,500   
The inventory of some polished mahogany shelves rotates.
On a gilded mannequins
Item Price Done
corseted silk brocade wedding gown with a full lace-draped skirt 50,000   !!
elegant off-the-shoulder moonsilk wedding gown with a long train of sheer starlight-hued lace 1,250,000   !!
empire-waisted wedding gown of fluid white raw silk 48,750   !!
ivory silk wedding gown with a line of petite white bows from the low back to the lengthy train 40,000   !!
pale platinum-hued satin wedding gown with a sheer crystal-studded lace overlay 50,000   
regal floor-length wedding gown of ivory damask with a short train 50,000   !!
softly draped wedding gown of lustrous white silk with an ethereal Elothean lace overlay 47,500   
The inventory of some gilded mannequins rotates.
On a tiered mahogany table
Item Price Done
delicate ivory Elothean silk veil edged with lustrous pearls 93,750   !!
floor-length Elothean lace veil with a dramatic diamond and Ilithi emerald tiara 187,500   !!
long white silk veil edged in gilded knotwork embroidery 12,500   
sheer nightsilk veil studded with dark purple crystal nightshade blossoms 62,500   
short white tulle veil held by fragrant pink roses 12,500   
silver-pinned veil crafted of a single length of sheer gauze 12,500   
The inventory of a tiered mahogany table rotates.

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, The Bridal Blush]
Small mirrors are mounted on mahogany counters to showcase the glittering jewelry under the watchful eyes of well-groomed guards. Stationed around the room are broad displays of wedding rings, and a parchment sign is mounted against the far wall.
You also see a gold-edged display with several things on it, a gem-encrusted display with several things on it and a platinum-edged display with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south, west.

A parchment sign reads:

"~ Please be sure that you verify your purchase before it is made final -- with so many items to choose from, 
it can be easy for our clerks to become confused unless you're very specific about which item you'd like. ~"
On a gold-edged display
Item Price Done
broad hammered-gold wedding band set with a large uncut diamond 17,500   !!
broad gold wedding band inlaid with a midnight blue square-cut sapphire 31,250   !!
heavy gold wedding band etched with twining nightshade blossoms 25,000   !!
lustrous gold wedding ring channel-set with sparkling diamonds 25,000   
rich gold wedding ring inlaid with glittering pave-set white diamonds 50,000   
slender gold wedding band displaying hands clasping a crowned diamond heart 25,000   
wide gold wedding band inset with a row of square-cut diamonds 25,000   
The inventory of a gold-edged display rotates.
On a gem-encrusted display
Item Price Done
emerald wedding ring carved to form verdant encircling leaves 40,625   !!
heavy white gold wedding band inset with an oval blood-red ruby 37,500   No
pale silver wedding ring inset with marquise-cut amethysts 12,500   !!
rose gold wedding ring delicately etched with blossoming jes-roses 20,000   !!
slender silver wedding band sparkling with alternating round and baguette diamonds 15,000   !!
smooth rose gold wedding band with beveled platinum edges 62,500   No
thick white gold wedding band inlaid with a round diamond 20,000   !!
The inventory of a gem-encrusted display rotates.
On a platinum-edged display
Item Price Done
elegant platinum wedding ring pave-set with sparkling white diamonds 118,750   !!
luxurious platinum wedding ring pave-set with brilliant-cut pink diamonds 131,250   
mirror-polished platinum wedding band channel-set with triangular diamonds 118,750   
platinum wedding ring set with alternating square and heart-shaped diamonds 118,750   !!
slender platinum wedding band with lustrous gold edging 68,750   
slender platinum wedding band channel-set with oval blood-red rubies 106,250   !!
slender platinum wedding ring channel-set with a rainbow of precious gems 125,000   !!
The inventory of a platinum-edged display rotates.
On a mahogany earring tree (which is on a mahogany counter)
Item Price Done
elaborate pair of platinum chandelier earrings dangling tear-shaped black diamonds 37,500   
elegant pair of damaryn pearl earrings with platinum hooks 8,750   !!
pair of diamond earrings dangling in long strands 12,500   
pair of emerald earrings carved to form tangled ivy interspersed with pink diamond roses 25,000   
pair of geshi pearl earrings with slender platinum hoops 8,750   
pair of gold disc-shaped earrings etched with blossoming roses 250   
pair of pink diamond earrings carved into dangling hearts 18,750   
The inventory of a mahogany earring tree rotates.
On a red velvet necklace rack(which is on a mahogany counter)
Item Price Done
dark damaryn pearl necklace strung in three tiers 11,250   !!
elegant diamond necklace with a platinum true lover's knot clasp 35,000   !!
gold necklace dangling alternating diamond and ruby hearts on short chains 28,750   No
high choker of channel-set pink diamond hearts 37500   No
lustrous geshi pearl choker with a platinum knotwork clasp 12,500   
narrow choker of baguette-cut emeralds interspersed with pink diamond rose petals 31250   !!
smooth gold choker set with a single gilt-edged garnet rose in full bloom 12,500   !!
wrapped platinum choker woven into a complex knotwork pattern 10,000   
The inventory of a red velvet necklace rack rotates.

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, The Bridal Blush]
Plush couches dyed a pale gold hue are scattered about the room, plump pillows atop them. Vases of roses in many hues grace tall mahogany pillars, filling the air with their sweet fragrance.
You also see a white tulle curtain with sparkling crystal beadwork.
Obvious exits: east.

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, The Bridal Blush]
Bolts of fabric are piled high on a sturdy table, many in differing shades of white and ivory. A small workbench is piled high with a seamstress's tools -- spools of thread, differently sized needles, a hedgehog-shaped pincushion, and the like. An elaborately carved mahogany screen sits to one side of the room, allowing for a client's modesty during fittings.
You also see a white tulle curtain with sparkling crystal beadwork.
Obvious exits: none.

Fine Jewelry

[Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Fine Jewelry]
Sparkling crystal boxes line the walls of the room, displaying an array of jewelry to delight the eye and adorn the wearer. A velvet-lined tray and ebonwood case sit atop one of the displays, holding several lovely rings. On the back wall, a parchment sign hangs beside an arch leading to another room.
You also see a heavy oak door.
Obvious exits: none.

A parchment sign reads:

Sorry, I'm not in right now.  
There is a selection of jewelry in the case, and wedding bands in the tray -- the salesgirl will be glad to help you with those.  
Keep an eye on NEWS 4 for information on when I'll next be in the realms for custom wedding rings.
-Margaeli Kyrlian, Proprieter
Crafter of Custom Wedding Bands

In the crystal box
Item Price Done
delicate silver friendship ring with inlaid mosaic 14,048   !!
silver earring in the shape of a shield emblazoned with a heart 1,250   
inlaid turquoise and bone wristcuff 6,000   !!
lavishly engraved platinum promise ring 157,125   !!
triple-stranded twisted pearl choker 125,000   
fine silver wire necklace with three evenly spaced freshwater pearls 68,750   !!
gleaming broad gold choker shot through with a thin line of platinum 75,000   !!
black steel mourning band inlaid with ivory lilies 6,250   !!
delicate bracelet formed of gold-dipped rosemary leaves 1,500   !!
pair of large sapphire earrings circled by tiny diamonds 15,000   
engagement tailband shaped like a blooming rose 7,000   !!
silver-inlaid scrimshaw bonding ring 37,500   No
oval ruby-dusted ivory pin carved with symbols representing the four seasons 11,875   
heart-shaped pin 500   !!
On the ebonwood case
Item Price Done
black jade wedding band with carved hands clasping a diamond heart 40,000   !!
blue steel wedding band inlaid with silver tarts 18,750   !!
broad red-gold wedding band engraved with a pair of resting warriors 25,000   !!
broad white gold wedding band engraved with a pair of warriors 25,000   !!
brushed silver wedding band engraved with a man leading a yak 2,500   !!
gold ring engraved with a pair of doves 25,000   !!
gold wedding band inset with tiny lutes and drums 62,500   !!
narrow gold engagement band inlaid with green jade leaves 10,000   
shiny steel wedding band capped with a diamond shield 37,500   
simple silver wedding band engraved with an altar 1,875   
simple slender gold band 12,375   
simple white gold band 12,237   
steel wedding band inlaid with multi-gemmed spirals 62,500   
twisting black steel wedding ring set with black goldstone panthers 10,000   
wide silver engagement band inlaid with green jade leaves 3,125   !!
Rotating Stock
On the velvet-lined tray
Item Price Done
fancy gold wedding band shaped in rolling waves 62,500   !!
gold band inlaid with overlapping polished gemstone discs 150,000   No
golden wedding ring set with a cabochon sapphire inlaid with a leaping black pearl dolphin 210,000   !!
marquise ruby ring with milled white gold edges 190,000   
narrow gold wedding band shaped into an intricate true lover's knot 50,000   
narrow jade wedding band inlaid with a twining golden rose 15,000   
platinum wedding band set with a large flawless diamond 459,375   
rounded opal engagement ring 90,000   
silver ring engraved with the image of a moon and sun 12,500   
smooth black agate ring with two singing wrens carved into the band 80,000   
sophisticated marquise-shaped sapphire engagement ring 106,250   
tri-color braided gold wedding band 50,000   
twisted gold and platinum wedding ring 170,000   
white gold wedding band carved in the shape of a ring of flames 151,390   No
wide platinum wedding band shaped like a pair of clasped hands cradling a blood-red ruby 230,000   
Rotating Stock