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Article Number: BI53
Dateline: 421-06-13

On the evening of 421/5/29, Arthe Dale found itself bustling with activity. Thespians from multiple provinces worked together to put on a performance of “Behind the Lines”, a play written by Sir Leucius Delarrazio. Under the direction of Marssi Darssi, the play was entertaining and provided much needed relief to many of the defenders of the provinces.

Actors and actresses in the play included Sendithu Shima’ionare-Remlane, Samsaren Remlane-Shima’ionare, Maltris Remlane, Morlen Ishbel, and Mistanna Redivas. Their talents weaved a tale of comedy and intrigue, poking fun at the Elpalzi and some of its leadership.*

Based on the volume of the applause during curtain call, the story that played out on stage seemed to delight most of the audience. Although, it would seem not all in attendance appreciated the talents of the troupe. Moments after the final curtain call, a voice was heard throughout the Yulugri Wala. The voice would turn out to belong to Geva Stavonark, a Lieutenant with the Elpalzi rebellion. The voice stated, “And playing the lovely Geva...oh. That’s right, I wasn’t deemed worthy enough to be in this yeehar-drivel of a play. Do I not entertain you? Clearly not, no clearly not.”

Apparently, the Lieutenant felt slighted by the content of the play and shortly thereafter a full Elpalzi attack on Arthe Dale and The Crossing commenced. Initially reported outside The Crossing’s Empath Guild, the Elpalzi forces quickly spread to the Rangers' Guild as well. Saphryna Silverwaters, a member of the Empath guild, stated “I was just outside the Empath guild, preparing to walk inside and passed a group of Elpalzi just outside the doors.” Many audience members, perhaps galvanized by the momentary respite provided by the play, rushed out to aid in the defenses.

Elpalzi instigators, bowyer, mages, deadeyes, rebels, dissidents, fomenters, toxophilites, incendiaries, hunters, sharpshooters and champions flooded the streets of the both towns, rapidly overwhelming garrison forces. Bolstering the Elpalzi attack was their liberal use of naphtha, throwing it at defenders in an attempt to cause severe burns. After a protracted battle, defenders managed to drive the Elpalzi back.

With Arthe Dale and The Crossing safe from rebel forces once again, questions remain. Despite this large attack, there were no reported sightings or encounters with Alret. We have had no reported sightings of Alret in many months, nor heard from him on the gweth Could this mean that the Elpalzi are under new leadership? Time will tell. For now, as always, we must remain vigilant in the defense of our homes.

*All portrayals of Elpalzi in “Behind the Lines” were, I assume, purely fictional and are not known to be based on actual events.

Klines Silvermist
Assistant Reporter, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date

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