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A magically imbued type of footwear which comes in many variations. All the different types of footwear have the same basic verbs and allow you to flee an area on INVOKE.


FOCUS: The <footwear> are not entirely mundane, but it is unlike any sort of magic you are familiar with.
INVOKE: The wings of your <footwear> slowly spread.
The wings of your <footwear> flap gently.
The wings of your <footwear> beat powerfully.
You feel yourself lifted slightly, and suddenly you are in motion!
Everything blurs as your <footwear> speed you (random direction)... (new room)
Roundtime: 6 sec.
The wings of your <footwear> relax and fold themselves at your ankles.

INVOKE (after use): The wings of your <footwear> flap listlessly, as if tired, and presently stop.


The shop which sold the footwear was found on the 2nd Merelew Island purchased event, Feast of Eluned 2, in the Another Man's Treasure shop. You would purchase a plainly wrapped silver or gold box, and when opened you would receive a randomized item. The following table shows some of the possible options found from that merchant. Only the boots will be pocketed.


  • beige
  • black
  • buff
  • ecru
  • dun
  • grey
  • ocher
  • tan
  • taupe
  • umber
  • white
  • cloud-grey
  • ink-black
  • bone-white
  • jet-black
  • smoke-grey

Wing Type

  • winged
  • bat-winged
  • crane-winged
  • eagle-winged
  • flamingo-winged
  • goose-winged
  • ibis-winged
  • peacock-winged
  • raven-winged
  • stork-winged
  • turkey-winged
  • crow-winged


  • cowskin
  • ghoul-leather
  • kobold-leather
  • leather
  • troll-hide


  • boot
  • moccasin
  • sandal
  • slipper
  • shoe

In addition to the Merelew shop, a number of unique pairs of winged footwear have been offered via raffles and as incidental rewards from quests and events.

Additional Variations

ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Bat-winged boots with rubbery morgawr tentacle solesHouse of the Revenant Fang 429/Shadowy Safehousetrue
Bat-winged leather boots covered in iridescent scalesSquat Bungalow (2)true
Heron-winged leather sandalsSquat Bungalow (2)true
Pair of murder crow-winged boots tinted arsenic blackSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/End loottrue
Pivuh-winged bootsQuest for Kanton's Daggertrue
Thick leather winged sandals with bronze bucklesHollow Eve 414 Raffle Centertrue
Weathered leather red-winged sandals with burnished gold bucklesCurse of the Ghost Shiptrue
Winged jet-black sandalsMorum Melgorehntrue
Winged morgawr-scale boots trimmed with muskrat furHouse of the Revenant Fang 422/Shadowy Safehousetrue