Raid on Maelshyve's Fortress

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The Raid on Maelshyve’s Fortress was an assault against the demon Maelshyve organized by the Anduwen Watch in the year 426.


In the fifth month of the year 426, the First Land Herald announced that the Anduwen Watch would be leading an assault against Maelshyve's Fortress with the intent to cleanse the area of demonic corruption and restore the fallen altar of Zaulfung to Urrem'tier.

The following month, the Watch hosted a meeting in Riverhaven to rally adventurers and give details about the dangers that lie in the Fortress. Support for the mission was offered by the Theren Guard, the Order of the Black Fox, and a number of other seasoned adventurers.

Near the end of the sixth month of 426, Saragos of the Watch hosted a second meeting in Riverhaven to discuss tactics against necromantic creatures and magic. During this meeting, a holy servant of Hodierna spoke into the minds of the attendees and announced that the Immortals were watching their efforts and those who fought for the gods would have their souls defended in return. Efforts were then made through the following weeks to assist adventurers in acquiring favor from Hodierna. Mother Whiteburn of the Holy Inquisition organized a vigil at Hodierna's Solace near the Segoltha River where holy words passed through the winds, announcing that the time for words was over and that the raiders should prepare for battle.

The Raid

Within the 8th month of the year 426, the raiders mustered their forces at the Riverhaven Temple. After a blessing provided by Inquisitress Whiteburn, they were greeted by the servant of Hodierna, a holy unicorn. Prior to entering the Fortress, members of the Watch revealed that they had come across information detailing Maelshyve's plans to create another manifestation of herself on the Plane of Abiding. They had learned that a number of innocent women were subject to a process of transformation that would turn them into monstrous beings and potential hosts for Maelshyve's essence. Perune passed around a strange concoction contained in a number of vials that was stated to be necessary to help destroy those vessels that were closely bound to the demon.

Raiders engaged in battle with a great host of Maelshyve's minions and vessels while attempting to deal with stealth assaults conducted by the followers of the Lich Jeihrem and direct attacks conducted by Maelshyve in the form of her prime vessel, Ciriasa. In addition to those Necromancers attempting to hinder the assault, a second group of Necromancers fought against Maelshyve's forces.


Though the prime vessel was defeated, the Fortress itself still contains the tainted presence of the demon Maelshyve. Following Ciriasa's defeat, her mortal body was struck down and after failed attempts to resurrect her, her body was mysteriously stolen by an invisible force. In the year 427, the Watch held a Vigil to Eluned in an attempt to glean knowledge about where the corpse was taken. Although those present did receive a vision from Eluned, it remained mysterious, and the corpse's whereabouts are still unknown.


Lesser dusky-scaled basilisk
Maelshyvean shadow beast
Maelshyvean cinder beast
Sinister Maelshyvean hierophant
Vaporous blood wraith
Transparent Shylvic
Maelshyvean vessel

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