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Order of the Dragon Shield
This is an Official Order
Sanctioned Province: Therengia
City Base: Riverhaven
Active Members: 23
Website: http://www.orderofthedragonshield.org
Twitter: None
Speaker: Penrhyn
Vice Speaker: Aislynn
Council Members




~~ Order of the Dragon Shield ~~

Sanctioning Province: Therengia

The Order of the Dragon Shield stands for basic understanding that life is diversified and has many faces. Even with such diversity citizens can become united in spirit with a cause that makes the whole much more than who an individual is. If the cause is right, then spirits turn righteous and actions are honorable.

The Order of the Dragon Shield promotes fellowship amongst members and citizens, defends the province of Therengia, teaches Therengian lore, aids in assistance of the citizens and preserves the history and lore of Elanthia by searching and collecting all information old and new to share this knowledge.

Sponsorship Required: Yes
Minimum Circle Requirement to Join: None
Guilds Welcome: All that follow the immortals
Races Welcome: All

Speaker of the Order: Penrhyn Silverdance
Vice Speaker: Aislynn
Council Lead: Phoul
Council Members: Arkalye, Atvus, Chyral, Jennantar, Kenamer, Phoul, Thyon
Ambassador: Atvus
Strike Force Lead: Kenamer
Strike Force Assistant: Available
Events Coordinator: Chyral
Speaker's Aide: Available
Vice Speaker's Aide: Available
Council Lead's Aide: Available


                             Many Swords, One Shield  


Our Goals as an Official Order include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Promote fellowship amongst our members and the citizens of Elanthia.
  2. Defend the Province of Therengia and specifically the towns of Riverhaven and Rossman's Landing during times of invasion or war.
  3. Help the general populace of the realms by teaching, listening, healing, raising, and coming to the defense of those that cry out for our aid.
  4. Sponsor Order run events open to all citizens of Elanthia (Fights, Scavenger Hunts, Friendly Competitions, Parties, etc...).
  5. To bring the people together as one for a stronger province.


We, proud citizens of Elanthia, chose to found this Order of the Dragon Shield for the following reasons and purpose;

In the beginning there was just a dream, a small glint in the eyes of a few. Behind it all was such enthusiasm and determination that a spark was born. From that spark a fire was lit, and from that fire a forge was built. From our forge a shield was struck. With this shield Elanthia we'll defend.

To all those who wish to be heard and seen as an equal, to all those who seek to be part of principal better than themselves as an individual, to all those who seek to bring honor to their guild, and to all those who seek not the privilege of power but the providence of truth, here is your home!

We humble souls strive to bring a sense of honor, loyalty, truth and acceptance to our order, "The Order of the Dragon Shield." Our group stands for a basic understanding that life is diversified and has many faces. Even with such diversity we can become united in spirit with a cause that makes us much more than who we are as an individual. If our cause be right, then our spirits turn righteous and our actions honorable.

This is what we seek as a unified body of spirits who have amiable hearts. We are determined to rise up and ennoble those that are humble, empower those who are powerless, and defend the defenseless. With earnest prayer we seek the power to change ourselves to better beings. Should we, by grace, receive such power, we ask for the wisdom in application to further greater good of the Order. Always we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the whole, and the whole is willing to sacrifice itself for the greater good of Elanthia.

The NEW Order

Sadly things happened and the Order was disbanded. Six long years the Realms went without the ODS, though now it's been revived. For the added protection of the province it was decided to bring the Order of the Dragon Shield back to life. Give it a second life actually. The new Speaker that was appointed after many interviews was Raeyel Rincon. Raeyel was familiar with the ODS, both when it was great and during the days before it collapsed, giving this Barbarian warrior a unique perspective. The NEW ODS is focused on family, friendship and service to Therengia and the Baron. The Order has a very social focus now, and welcomes others into the 'family' that seek a place to belong.

With the idea in mind that the only way to bring back the ODS was to go back to its roots...back to being about the community and about family...rebuilding wasn't going to be easy, but it would definitely be worth it. Raeyel spent a bit of time convincing his aunt and uncle to come on board. His aunt, Mystylaine Rincon had experience in building an Order from the ground up with Lancel and the Apostles, and became his Vice Speaker. Wanting a strong presence on the Council, he talked his uncle, Rekon Rincon, into joining since the Northern Watch, of which Rekon had been Deputy Commander, was now on indefinite hold. Rekon joined and became the first of the Council in the Order of the Dragon Shield, and is the Head Councilman.

Finding others that shared his vision, Raeyel, with the help of his Vice and Councilman, began filling the ranks. A full council quickly formed and since the Order was sworn to the Baron and defending Therengia, the Strike Force was restored as well. Head Councilman Rekon oversees all the military aspects as Defense Advisor with fellow Paladin Kenamer Maylan running the Strike Force under his supervision. Appointed as Strike Force Leader, Kenamer is responsible for the training and day to day of the Strike Force and leads the weekly meetings.

Pulling another prior member from the days of the OLD ODS, Raeyel brought on Rheela as Treasurer and to lead and coordinate Triage for the Order. Being a resident of Riverhaven and a very capable empath, she was a perfect choice for both positions. Councilman Nefarious, and former Northern Watch Sergeant, was put in charge of Intelligence and runs a more specialized part of the Strike Force.

Being part of the Strike Force is completely optional, and is the only aspect of the NEW ODS that functions in any sort of a military capacity. Raeyel had also been a soldier in the Northern Watch and several of his comrades also came over to the ODS, including former Watch Commander Vykanthiss and other soldiers. Councilman Alymast provides assistance to both the Speaker and Vice Speaker as well as the Head Councilman and accumulates and organizes reports that need turned in, as well as other duties as needed.

Council and Strike Force set, the membership grew quickly under the new leadership and new direction. Yes, there is a defensive regiment to the Order, but the Order ITSELF is not militant. Focusing on family and FUN, and bringing a sense of community back to Therengia is the direction of the Order. The New ODS has completely re-branded as well and the Order now has an actual web presence obtainable by the link above. Members are very active socially, events are well attended, and the sense of family is palatable...a dysfunctional, oddball family...but a cohesive and tightly knit family.

With the focus on fun, Raeyel was at a loss, not being too knowledgeable on what people like, he turned to his aunt, Mystylaine. Mystylaine, being a social person, had her finger to the pulse of the people (insert empath joke here) and knew what people found fun. Not only that but also knew about designing items that people would love. With Raeyel's knowledge of weapons and her eye for what looks cool, they knew they had a winning formula. Raeyel is still learning about the social, with help from both his aunt and uncle.

Leadership has changed. Mystylaine is the Speaker and the Vice is Kenamer, with Rekon still Head Council and Defense Advisor. Taehara is Aide to the Speaker and the Order Ambassador is Pengwin. We will continue to serve the Baron and the protect the lands of Therengia, specifically Riverhaven and Rossman's Landing, and raising to the call of the Theren Guard when they need assistance as well as the occasional joint event with them. We will also continue to work towards a unified community, and for our events to be the place to go to socialize and have FUN with some of the best gifts and prizes to be had!!

We are NEW BLOOD, we are a NEW ORDER, we are not your average Order, and we pride ourselves on this! We are a second family to some, the only family to others...but in the end, we are A FAMILY and we are the defenders of Riverhaven. Come join us at any of our events, we do them weekly, and we always have great creative gifts, tasty refreshments and amazing prizes. We want to see you there!!

History is important, so here is ours.....


In the beginning, there was only one. A Paladin, a known and respected warrior of virtue, gathered unto himself nine of his closest friends and allies. He spoke to them a dream he held close to his heart. A dream of a organized group of close friends, adventurers, sages and poets who would come together to protect their homes and friends, lend aid to harried souls who toil across the Realms, and protect the weak and impoverished. The nine were inspired by the paladin's words and they swore an oath to make his dream a reality. Truth be told, none of them knew what they had gotten themselves into.

Late at night, the first ten gathered around a small fire in a cozy cabin near the city of Therenborough. Many such nights would follow as the foundations were laid for what would become The Order of the Dragon Shield. Naveraun, the first paladin, worked many hours with quill and ink and parchment laying to written word the dream he held. His close friend, Devihn, noble paladin of the Realms, spent much time working hand in hand with Naveraun. Carefully, so that Naveraun's intent was not changed, Devihn scribed what would become our Charter.

The Ranger Purrlin, in a moment inspiration, spoke the words that became our Motto. "Many Swords, One Shield." A humble woman of virtue, Purrlin is also responsible for the badge that we now wear proudly upon our chests.

The S'Kra healer Lys and her husband Naul the Warrior Mage spent many late nights working with the suggestions of others to produce the Laws which bind all of the Shield. They used the guidelines set down by the Great Mages, but nothing became Law until all had agreed upon the fairness of the Law.

Vazar the Paladin was the first to use the name Order of the Dragon Shield, a name he received from a vision of a lone warrior defending a small child from the World Dragon with nothing more than a battered shield.

Deathpick the Thief, Jackaltooth the Cleric and Niktoahl the Ranger came together to help protect the members of our Order in its early days when there were those that wished that it would not come to be. Even though not yet a formal Order of the Realms, they roamed far and wide upholding the beliefs of our Order. They voiced their opinions in the meetings that were held, making certain that the Laws and Charter were written fairly for all and that not one voice went unheard.

The last of the ten, but certainly not the least, was Razzer the Bard, whose words and deeds and expensive bar tabs spread the word to others who wished to be part of the dream of equality, freedom for all and protection for those unable to defend themselves. Razzer brought to our small cabin recruits both young and old, adding more voices to the chorus.

It was not easy, in those early days. No one ever said the path we chose to take would be easy, and for good reason. If they had, we would have strung him up to dance a jig from the leafless tree. Setbacks were more common than progress. The Great Mage Naiph worked with us, but she was a grueling taskmaster. Rumors of scandals were spread, lives were threatened, hearts were broken and tears shed both in sorrow and joy. But strong wills persevered and the first ten became fifteen, then twenty and still more flocked to the banner which waved solemnly above a small house outside the city of Therenborough.

When the newly forged Order was ready, Naveraun stood proudly before the forty strong swords that numbered our strength and the Shield was born. We had become an official Order, but the adventure had only just begun. As long as there are those who share the dream, there will always be a place for them to come together and comrades in arms to hold palaver with.

Many Swords, One Shield

Written by Jackaltooth, ODS Co-Founder ... Added to by Officers of the NEW ODS