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Atvus Zer'Devesis
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Relatives Akryn, Akrynia, Khhriv


You see Shaman Atvus Zer'Devesis, Blessed of Katamba, a Rakash Cleric.

He has a stern face, pointed ears, shadowed Katamba-black eyes and an aquiline nose. His raven hair is long and fine, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a collection of ivory bones. He has ebon skin and a gaunt build.

He is wearing a beaked plague doctor's mask attached to a wide-brimmed black leather hat, some blackened steel-rimmed work goggles with scratched lenses, a lightweight leather cowl embellished with a fan of murder crow feathers, a silver necklace strung with onyx feathers, an inky black diacan chain shirt mantled with dark feathers, a satin-lined black wool cloak, a leather belt dangling blackened silver crow feather charms, a slender cambrinth armband affixed with dangling crows feathers, a cambrinth murder crow pendant strung upon a dark chain, a pitch-black medicine satchel with a buckled shoulder strap, a dark khor'vela pelletbow tessellated with a murder of eerie black crows, some black thornweave breeches secured with darkstone buttons, some inky black diacan chain greaves embossed with feathers and a pair of knee-high demonscale boots with square kertig buckles.