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Ghust Inukuro
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Heartsfyre, Tyx, Shannera


Ghust Inukuro, a Rakash, has an oval face, sullenly glowing frozen-white eyes and a straight nose. His gloaming violet hair is shoulder length and fine, and is worn tied back. He has pale skin and a thin build.
He is a bit over average height for a Rakash, and is part of the Empath Guild
He wears a baby fruit bat covered in ginger-spotted black fur that floats lazily around his right forearm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin.
He has a tattoo of a grey wolf howling at a moonlit sky on his face.
Having turned 21, he is now considered an underdog among the Rakash race.

Early History

Told in Ghust's own words:

Ah was 13 years old when ah killed mah parents. Well, ah guess ah don't mean ah physically killed em, but it was all mah fault that they died so, ah guess that's just as bad, right?

My parents were both Traders when ah was born. We lived in a small house in Arthe Dale, which is where ah pretty much grew up. So mah Ma decided to quit travelling and movin' goods and instead took up a position behind a desk. My pa continued to travel alot so ah didn't get to see him often.

Both mah parents wanted me ta be in the Trader Guild like them. When ah was 8 years old, my mah brought me to her office and started teachin' me how ta file papers'n stuff. Ah hated it. Ah wanted ta to on adventures an stuff. Ah realize mah dreams were just that. Dreams from a kid.

When ah turned 13, my ma and pa told me that they were signin me up ta be an apprentice at th' Arthe Dale trading post. Ah told 'em that ah didn't want ta be no trader. Always travellin' around, luggin' goods from place ta place and never gettin no recognition. Ah know better now, that ya gotta put in th' work and it rewards in th' end. But back then, ah didn't know that, and was just angry.

Ah started bein' belligerent an' stuff, refusin' ta leave th' house, and at one point, ah stopped eatin', hoping that would change mah parents minds. None of it worked. After about one month from when ah turned 13, mah parents sat me down and tol me this. If ah didn't stop this nonsense, and didn't accept mah responsibilities, they'd have no choice but ta have me join one o' those military groups and that they'd set mah priorities straight.

Ah got angry, and ah tol' them......ah tol' them ah hated 'em. Ah hated them an' their stupid plans fer me an that ah never wanted to see them again. Then ah ran out of th' house, no shoes, no travellin' gear, not even a weapon ta defend mahself if ah needed to. Ah know now that it was stupid. But back then, ah was so blinded by rage, ah wasnt thinkin' clearly.

Ah ran from the Arthe Dale village and headed north. Ah figured ah'd hitch a ride on the ferry and go to Haven. Maybe even figure a way to make some sorta livin up there or join some guild, like the paladin guild or somethin' like that. DEFINATELY not th' trader guild. So as ah continued to head north, ah kept thinkin' of things ah was gonna do with mah freedom. Ah was so caught up in what-ifs, ah didnt notice the couple o'wind hounds on the NTR. There were two of em, and ah figured ah could out run em or somethin'. But then one o'them reavers surprised me from behind.

Ah was knocked down onto my backside. Th' hounds started movin' in on me an' the reaver sliced me with his weapon. Ah screamed cause ah was scared an' it hurt so much. Ah was bleedin' pretty bad an' ah figured, well, so much for mah grand plans. Why'd ah have to disobey mah foks? Why did ah run away in th' first place.

Ah was prepared ta die when ah heard a yell come from behind the reiver, and a shout "Get the hell away from my son". Suddenly there was a flash of light and the reiver screamed in anger before vanishing into nothing. Th' hounds had stopped in their movement and mah ma ran over to me. She helped me to mah feet and ah saw mah pa standin there, a vial of what was probably holy water in his hand. Then, the hounds started to advance again, and two more reivers joined in.

Ma wrapped me in her shawl and told me ta run. "Go." she said. "We'll fend off these monsters. You just go find someone ta help out. We'll be fine."

"Ma, pa, ah can't leave you. It's mah fault. Ahm sorry...."

"For once in your life son, listen to your parents and GO!"

That was the last words ah ever heard them utter.

Ah ran. Ran, ran and ran as fast as mah feet could take me. Finally ah collapsed in front of this guy who turned out ta be a paladin and his travellin' partner, who turned out ta be an empath. As she knelt down ta heal me, ah pleaded with them to please help mah family. The guy said he would, but th' empath (ah never did learn their names) said ah couldn't go til ah was healed. He nodded and asked me to point the direction they had been. After ah did so, he took off at a fast pace. His movements were swift and within only a roisan he was out of eyesight.

The empath finished healin me, though ah probably didn't make it any easier with me goin' hurry hurry every other roisan. But she was clearly a professional and tried ta calm me down. Finally ah was fully healed and me and her ran to meet her partner so she could heal mah parents. Ah just wanted em ta be okay. Ah'll be a trader, anythin' they want so long as they were okay.

We got to the area, where there were two dead wind hounds and the paladin was leanin' over mah parents. I ran over to em and turned to th' empath. "Please hurry an' heal em'." The paladin didn't say anythin' but he stood up and shook his head at the empath. Ah tripped over mah own feet tryin' ta scramble over to mah parents. "Why ain't they movin'? Can't ya just heal em like ya did me? Or a cleric. Ah heard clerics kin use the gods power ta bring people back."

The paladin came over to me with a frown on his face. "I am sorry" he told me. "Your parents souls have already fled their bodies and walked the great starry road."

The empath had gone over to 'em, knelt, and her hands started ta glow. She then stood back up and grabbed me in a big hug. "I am so so sorry. Even a cleric could do nothing for your parents. But I know their souls are at peace. They no longer suffer in their broken bodies."

Ah shook mah head at first. Ah didn' understand. How could they be dead? Ah hadn't been THAT long had I? Would they still be alive if ah hadn't run away? Would they still be alive if ah had been an empath? These questions haunted me over and over til finally ah collapsed in the empath's arms and just cried. Heaving sobs ah couldn't control. She said nothing, just held me in her arms til.....well ah guess ah had fallin asleep. Ah woke up on a cot that was, from what ah could see from the window, was Kaerna Village. Ah'd been here with mah pa many times and ah could easily recognize it.

The paladin an' the empath had left, apparently ah'd interupted a really important quest they were on. But they had left me a note.

"We are both sorry that we were unable to save your parents. We must go, but wanted to leave you with a word of advice. If you have other family, go to them and together you can heal. If your parents were the only family you had, take heart. The pain of loss might not disappear completely but it WILL get easier. You have your entire life ahead of you. Use your loss to make your future productive and you will find your parents are still with you, in spirit.

Ah folded the note and put it in mah pocket, which ah realized was in a different pair of pants then what ah had been wearin. Ah looked mahself over an' realized someone changed mah clothes. Made sense, ah guess. Mah shirt an' pants had been covered in blood and ripped through. Ah stood up, and stepped out'a th' room. Ah could hear boisterious voices comin from everywhere. Ah figured ah must have been in th' Guilded Unicorn. Mah pa never let me come inside with him but ah would look in through the windows when ah was younger.

Ah walked into th' room and th' bartender glanced up at me from behind th' bar. "Go take a seat" he tol' me. "Someone from the orphanage in crossing will be here soon."

"Orphanage?" ah asked.

He put down the glass he was cleanin' and walked over ta me and put his hand on mah shoulder. " You're barely 13 years old. You aren't ready to be out on your own. So yes, you will be remanded to the orphanage until they can decide where to place you."

Ah shook my head vigorously. Ah wasn't goin' ta no orphanage. Ah shook free of his grip and ah ran out, his voice yellin' out after me, "Wait, stop". Ah didn' wait OR stop an ah kept runnin' til ah reached mah home. Mah empty, parentless home. Trader contracts were strewn all over th' place. Ah smelled an apple pie mah mom must have been bakin' durin our argument. And ah walked over to their room, fell onto their bed, and cried til ah fell asleep.

A year had passed. Ah tried ta live on mah own, plantin' stuff and milkin' cows. Huntin' the occasional squirrel. An every day, ah thought that if ah hadn't run away, mah parents would still be here. Every day til four months before mah 15th birthday. On that day, ah remembered the letter and words that were written to me.Ah was almost 15 an' what was ah doin' ta honor mah parents memories? I remembered one of the thoughts that had been on mah mind that day. If ah had been an empath, ah could have saved them. So ah packed up the few possessions ah owned, locked th' door to mah home (in case ah needed somewhere ta go in the future) and walked the northern trade route to the crossing.

Ah was still 14 and ah was pretty sure you had ta be at LEAST 15 so ah lied to th' guildleader and joined th' guild. In less than 2 months, ah'll be 15. An' ah wanna be someone who never turns a wounded person down. Ah want mah parents to look down on me an know ahm doin' good work. The empath who helped me on that terrible day, her words were right. I'm gonna make somethin' of mahself and ah will be a good enough empath that even down th' starry road, mah parents will know of mah deeds. An ah strive fer the day that finally happens.

Recent History

Ghust successfully joined the Empath guild and has reached his 55th circle as of year 424. He also found love, a fellow Rakash named Giarra, whom he married. However, Giarra was forced to return to her home. Not wanting Ghust to wait for her, knowing she might not be able to return, Giarra broke their marriage bond. Extremely heartbroken at first, it has taken some time, but he has realized that Giarra did what she thought was best for Ghust. Knowing this, Ghust has accepted the break of the bond, an looks forward to when he can find someone else who he can share his life with. When asked if he has any family, Ghust's reply is that he actually does not know. His parents never spoke of their Rakash heritage or of their own pasts. It is for this reason that he is extremely bad at speaking common. However, when Ghust was 14 years old, Heartsfyre found him and adopted him as her Godson. She raised Ghust from when he was a preteen and has tried to guide him as he became an adult. He gained a godfather when Heartsfyre married Tyx. Ghust finally found true love and happiness when he met and then wed his current wife, Shannera.