Navesi's Chris' Mass Raffle 422

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On 3 Lirisa 422 (12/28/2016), Navesi drew the winners for her Chris' Mass Raffle.

Grand Prizes

Item Winner
wide blackened moonsilver ring displaying a magnificent candlelight-cut svelae Kelneth
polished sungold sundial suspended on a molten-core diamond fob Laflakapa
Limited Clothing: Menswear Adaros
Limited Clothing: Womenswear Elanthie, Lasika
Limited Item: Misc. Whiteburn
Siegery set: "Good" guys Ciroce
Siegery set: "Bad" guys Pickler
Limited siegery figurine Padhg
Limited instrument Anjinson
Kitten Vixonia
a dark Taisidonian rat Drexin
a tiny-legged white boar Aislynn
painted mask Wulftooth
shimmering outfit Klines
Damite heavy plate set Kladirung
gilded chain hauberk with fine polished leather accents (Token Auction armor) Olconken
bone hafted repeating arbalest with pitted grooves Torrinor
Voucher: Weapon (kertig, haralun, glaes) Giulietta, Ricktus
Voucher: Bow (bloodwood, mistwood) Axios
Voucher: Armor set (damite, lumium) Teljicries
Voucher: Titanese armor set Jhien
Voucher: Onyx-hide shield Rhodium
Voucher: Tool (kertig, haralun, glaes, animite, damite) Riftal
4 treasure maps Mazrian
greatsword sheath Ronicoregest
1 LTB alteration Ephic
large hunting pack crafted from wyvern hide (4x embiggened) Carme
blighted gold bracelet studded with large flame opals (mana regenerator) Perune
weathered ilomba chest with vardite hinges (transmutes metals into gems) Nuela
nomlas divination bones Denyo
vardite Andols
complete remedy set (100 doses for each body part, for ~100 complete healings) Woten

Consolation Gifts

Those who did not win one of the raffle prizes were allowed to select a gift.

Item Recipient
Item Recipient

Free Gift

Inside the a large gift box wrapped with silvery material, you see: