Arid Steppe

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An arid grass-covered plain north of the Tivshowldh Mountains and west of the Liirewsag River. The steppe is non-tillable, and though normally of a semi-desert climate, its winters tend to be severe. The Arid Steppe has long been occupied by a variety of nomadic tribes who are governed by the current Moon Mage guildleader (at this time Cherulisa). The Trabe Plateau is where the Moon Mage guild tower stands, along with several nomadic yurts.

Hibarnhvidar Albreda Shrine

From the meditation wall in Albreda's Shrine in outer Hibarnhvidar:

The artwork on this portion of the wall depicts the open expanse of the Arid Steppe dwarfing the nomadic clan portrayed traveling it.