Hotagi'rath Theater (shop)

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Hotagi'rath Theater
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 91
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops, Smoking shops, Music shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Hotagi'rath Theater, Lobby]
Tall, fluted columns are spaced along each wall, framing carved niches hung with copper lanterns that keep the lobby brightly lit at all hours. Breaking up the long expanse of pale stone, an artfully draped crimson curtain adds a dramatic background to the small refreshment stand, which tempts theater-goers during intermission with an aroma of ale and hot popped corn. Greeting patrons as they enter the building, a decorative marquee hangs near the door waiting to announce the next performance.

On the Refreshment Stand
Item Price Done
Paper sack of cheese-flavored popcorn enhanced with a bit of dried thyme 0   !!
Tall box of caramel-coated popcorn flecked with tiny chunks of toffee 0   !!
White paper cone of spicy popcorn liberally seasoned with ground chili peppers 0   !!
Plain paper bag of buttered popcorn sprinkled with sea salt 0   !!
Vintage Bardic blue wine 0   !!
Iced jug of driftwood-smoked wheat beer 0   !!
Chilled pitcher of Redthorne's Reserve frothy dark ale 0   !!
Rathan red wine 0   !!
Brass-banded cask filled with a pale golden Pantel lager 0   !!

[Hotagi'rath Theater, Rehearsal Hall]
Heavily quilted pads strategically blanket each wall, aiding the area's overall acoustics and muting from the rest of the theater any disruptive off-key notes created by practicing musicians. Donated by the Rathan High Council of Nine to encourage fledgling talents, a walnut harpsichord facing a padded bench, an ebonwood cello leaning against a straight-backed chair and some tall island drums hiding a bamboo stool are situated in front of shelves stacked with replacement tools needed to play them. You also see a curtained arch.

On a Shelf
Item Price Done
Cello bow 700   No
Drum stick 200   !!
These are used to play the cello and drums visible in the room description.
On a Shelf
Item Price Done
soft white cotton cloth 100   !!
soft crimson cotton cloth 100   !!
soft black cotton cloth 100   !!
soft blue cotton cloth 100   !!

[Hotagi'rath Theater, Golden Lyre Club]
Welcoming citizens as they enter the club is a mahogany bar, stocked with a variety of complimentary libations to encourage a social mood. Thick, crimson carpets and heavy draperies help silence noise from the bustling city outside, their colors enhanced by the dim lighting emanating from a black iron chandelier hung from the paneled ceiling. Grouped around low, circular tables to invite conversation, overstuffed leather armchairs are placed to take advantage of the warmth a limestone fireplace provides. You also see some carpeted stairs.

Note: The Golden Lyre club is generally open only to Rathan citizens, with exceptions sometimes made for special occasions.

In a Velvet-Lined Cigar Box
Item Price Done
Royal Crown cigar 800   No
Elegant gold-tipped cigarillo 600   No
Chocolate Kiss cigar 700   No
Thin silver-leaf cigarillo 600   No
Sailor's Blood cigar 700   No
Slim brandy-laced cigarillo 600   No
On the Mahogany Bar
Item Price Done
Elegant crystal bottle of aged Royal Crown whiskey 0   
Cast iron tub of Gor'Tog spiced lager topped with rum-soaked cherries 0   !!
Frosted-glass bottles of refined turnip tequila 0   !!
Magnum of pink crystalline champagne infused with flecks of gold leaf 0   No
Iced barrel of Chadatru's Justice 0   
Ceramic jug of Firulf's White Lightning moonshine with a strong sour-mash aroma 0   !!
Decanter of wild strawberry wine 0   !!
Sturdy oak cask of Rathan dark ale capped by a creamy foam 0   !!
Glass decanter of Special Reserve Elven brandy 0   !!
Pitcher of iced strawberry lemonade decorated with sugared fruit 0   
Elegant hand-blown bottle of pure green Elothean suur wine 0   !!
Silver urn of strongly-brewed dark roast coffee 0   !!
Small iron-banded barrel of stormy sea grog laced with dark rum 0   !!
Tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   DG
Small pot of spiced lemon tea spiked with a splash of apple brandy 0   !!
Earthenware jug of distilled S'Kra Mur amaranth ambrosia swirled with dried herbs 0   !!
Bowl of tropical fruit punch fortified by orange liqueur and served in coconut-shell cups decorated with paper umbrellas 0   No
Chilled carafe of Viper Venom vodka served with pimento-stuffed green olives 0   !!

[Golden Lyre Club, Balcony Dining]
The balcony's scalloped rim juts out over the performance hall, giving diners a bird's-eye view of the stage. Positioned so that no view is hampered, a row of curved booths is generously padded in an attempt to add comfort during the lengthiest of concerts. Vents, cleverly hidden by decorative sago palms, allow a cool, refreshing breeze to circulate through the spacious room, carrying the aroma of the dishes laid out for the enjoyment of citizens down to the first floor. You also see some furnished booths and an abundant buffet with some stuff on it.

On the Abundant Buffet
Item Price Done
Platter of tiny roast quail in an apple brandy sauce 0   No
Delectable cheesecake decorated with little marzipan turnips 0   No
Wooden bowl filled with steaming cobs of roasted wild corn 0   !!
Gold platter filled with tiny snowbeast sausages skewered with little sword-shaped sticks and served with a spicy radish dip 0   !!
Sugar-cured roast duck with a fresh raspberry sauce 0   !!
Slices of spring melon drizzled with an onion marmalade 0   
Silver plate filled with rich double-fudge brownies with lacy white chocolate icing 0   No
Bunch of plump juicy grapes 0   
Wooden tray with slices of chocolate apple-spiced cake 0   !!
Roasted new potatoes in herbed butter 0   No
Trencher of barbequed turkey legs brushed with a spicy glaze 0   !!
Silver platter of glazed peach tarts 0   No
Tray of piping hot garlic-thyme rolls 0   No
Glass-domed roast pheasant 0   No
Pile of roast pigeon 0   !!
Platter of ale-braised beef 0   !!
Iced raw oysters served on half shells 0   
Silver platter of savory shrimp sauteed with almonds and coconut 0   !!
Neat pile of fresh figs 0   !!
Elegant silver platter with spears of raw meat arranged atop crushed ice 0   !!