Gretchen's Hats

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Gretchen's Hats
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42b
Owner Gretchen Abernathy
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops
Restrictions Citizen
This store only accepts Lirums


[Gretchen's Hats, Workshop]
An array of silk flowers, satin and grosgrain ribbons, wooden berries and chiffon scarves spread across the polished granite slab that covers a row of maple cupboards. The hatmaker Gretchen Abernathy sits at the workspace, a fanciful hat adorned with bright wooden strawberries and green silk leaves in her hand. Boldly patterned rugs crisscross the floor below her, and handpainted flowerpots cluster in the corners. You also see a quilted curtain and a tall wooden rack for holding hats with some stuff on it. Obvious exits: out.

On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
red and white striped cap with a big red pompom 200   
black sailor hat embroidered with a skull and crossbones 200   
blue velvet hat embossed with a galaxy of stars 200   
jeweled crespine spun with golden thread 200   
ebony glengarry with ribbon streamers 200   
scarlet juliet cap edged with pearls 200   
white ermine hat 400   
dunce cap 200   
mock coonskin cap 200   
white nightcap 200   
golden horned head-dress banded with a double row of pearls 500   
dashing black fedora with an engraved silver band 300   

Store Room (Therengia-Citizen Only)

[Gretchen's Hats, Store Room]
Barrels and baskets overflowing with leftover supplies adorn the far wall. Numerous hats, in various stages of work, have been placed atop the rosewood shelves. The fragrant smell of incense wafts from a simply made holder resting upon an overturned flowerpot. A few pieces of discarded cloth and fabric are piled at the foot of the handmade oak bench that faces the large, flower-strewn worktable. You also see a hat rack with some stuff on it and a quilted curtain leading to the front workshop.

On the hat rack
Item Price Done
Citizen only area
exquisite azure henin with a trailing gossamer veil 440   
jaunty gold cap 165   
glaysker flower circlet 200   
amethyst velvet toque with a golden unicorn applique 300   
gaudy jester hat adorned with gold bells 200   
wide-brimmed hat of white felt with a brown and white dotted band 225   
soft felt hat with a crimson band 200   
richly beaded barbette 350   
elegant takbahn 300   
woven straw and lace petasos 250   
ebony skullcap 150   
beret trimmed with trailing coral ribbons 175   
hand-loomed woolen tam 150   
green hunting hood 165   
black velvet hat embossed with silver lightning bolts 250   
forest-green plumed hat 200   
crimson-dyed coif 175   
turban fashioned of cream silk 300