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Handbills are small printed notices that are handed out by Traders to advertise their services. Unlike Market Certificates, these handbills do not serve a function to provide any benefit to the customer.

Handbills are sold by Chispin's Handbills, come in boxes of 25, and are priced differently based on the title and style of paper.

Sample Handbill

> look on counter
You see a crimped handbill.

> look handbill
There appears to be something written on it.

> read handbill
The handbill reads:

                          Caravan Specialist

Item Variations

Styles of Paper

  • crimped
  • bleached
  • watermarked

Title Options

  • Caravan Specialist
  • Commodity Investor
  • Professional Furrier
  • Expert Lapidary
  • Merchandise Broker
  • Expeditious Auctioneer