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The Trader Guildleader Ansprahv says, “At certain times and in certain places, the most profitable activity can be selling individual items to buyers who can appreciate their true value. Whether this be skillfully forged armor and weapons, rare and unique items, or perhaps just necessary tools and supplies of superior quality, the dealing in such items has made many a fortune. The Guild has worked to establish a number of markets where our members may more easily conduct such business. In them you can rent a table, buy some price tags, and lay out your goods for people to look at. We have hired guards to help protect you from folks of a less than savory nature. While they are excellent at keeping items from disappearing from the tables, those with enough skill may still be able to lift coins from your pockets, so be careful.”

When a Trader reaches their 20th circle they can start selling items at Market Tables located in most of the major cities in Elanthia. A table is rented from the monger who will give you a ticket to claim it for a period of 4 RL hours. You can get a second one after another 1 RL hour. Tables hold 20 items each. Hold on to that ticket so you can watch the time left. When it is close to expiring you will receive a message and you can get additional time by asking the monger with the ticket in your right hand. Do not forget to put the ticket on the table to add the time.

The market attendants will automatically cover your table when you are not in the room. When you are ready to close up shop you can either empty it yourself or have your hireling attendant do it for you. Have the table readied for the next trader by kicking it with the ticket in your right hand. Otherwise, when the time expires the monger will clear the table and put the items away for 24 RL hours. If you (or your hireling attendant) do not retrieve your goods from the monger before that time you will lose those items. You do not need the ticket to get your goods. The monger can convert your tagged merchandise in a container to the local provinces currency. Even if an item did not need to be retagged in the container you will be charged for his time.

Table locations

Muspar'i, Riverhaven, Crossing, Ratha, Aesry, Shard, and Hibarnhvidar.


Ticket – 2500 kronars
Additional time – 2500 kronars
Tag sack – 625 kronars
Goods retrieval – 3125 kronars
Conversion – 2 gold + 25 coppers per item (all currencies)

Monger commands


  • TAG
  • TIME

Table syntax


Disruptive people at your tables? Those guards are useful for something after all! ASK GUARD FOR REMOVAL OF (player name). You will need two traders to request this in the tent.

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