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The Trader Guildleader Ansprahv smiles and says, “Have you ever been to an auction? When run by a skilled Trader and with the right items they can be exciting and extremely lucrative. I once saw a Trader sell a few items and walk away with several thousands of platinums, quite impressive. While anyone can stand in the street or in the corner of a park somewhere and try to auction items, only a trader of sufficient standing can use the proper auction halls the Guild has established. We have facilities in them for safely displaying the item being sold so the bidders can try to determine its value and we have staff on hand to handle transferring the item and taking payment as well as penning lists of items that are going to be offered for sale. You can even send criers out to announce your auction. We currently have a very nice auction facility here in the Crossing, as well as in the Rathan guild and the city of Riverhaven.”

When a Trader reaches their 30th circle they are allowed to use one of the Auction Halls scattered across Elanthia to sell their items. In order to do so, please read the following information.


Each of the three Auction Halls are located within the Guild buildings. You can find them in The Crossing, Riverhaven and Ratha.

Gavel syntax

  • GRAB GAVEL – take control of auction gavel.
  • LOOK GAVEL – show syntaxes.
  • TOUCH GAVEL – suspend bidding.
  • HUG GAVEL – abort bid process.
  • DROP GAVEL – give up control of auction tools.
  • START BID (amount) - initiate the bidding process.

Table syntax

  • LOOK TABLE – show syntaxes.
  • PUNCH TABLE – start countdown.
  • TAP TABLE – toggle room silenced.

Parchment syntax

  • KICK STAND – clear parchment.
  • PUT bag ON STAND – Get listing of items on parchment (up to 20).

Bidding syntax

  • BID UP - will issue a bid for a significant increase over the previous bid.
  • BID MIN - will issue a bid for the minimum amount needed to top the previous bid.
  • BID (amount) - will issue a bid for the amount specified by the player.

Auctioning simplified

GRAB GAVEL. Put the bag of items on the stand to list on parchment (KICK STAND if parchment needs to be cleared). Put an item on the table and START BID. PUNCH TABLE for going once,twice, sold. Being an auctioneer is all about the show. Give a good talk about the item and demonstrate what it can do to get the best bids.

Each item is done on an individual basis, meaning you will have to restart and grab the gavel for each individual item. There is a time limit of 15 minutes for each item, if the item is not bid off within this time limit your item will be turned into a box where you can retrieve it.

Don’t forget to HIRE CRIER (town/hunt) CONFIRM to let everyone know it’s about to start!

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