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The Trader Guildleader Ansprahv says, “Do you know much about horses? They can be a good source of income for an enterprising Trader. The Guild was able to use its influence to ensure that buying and selling of these animals can only occur when a qualified member is present. This ensures that we will always be the middlemen in such transactions, and where we are in the middle, we can make coin from both sides of the deal.” Guildleader Ansprahv chuckles for a moment before concluding, “You will need to search out the locations where such transactions can take place, but there are a fair number of them around.”

Traders can begin to transfer horses at 25th circle.
Trader Tip: Get the coin from the buyer or make them transfer the money before the purchase, so you don’t get scammed.

Horse storage

You can only own one horse at a time, but after 35th circle traders can store multiple horses. So if you own a horse, STORE it at the stable (instead of STABLE HORSE) and you will receive an animal storage voucher for 2 gold.

For multiple horse sales you will need to repeat this process so you only have one horse out at a time. UNSTORE horse to get back from voucher (instead of RETURN HORSE). The horse you are going to sell should be the horse that is out in horse form (not voucher).

Brokerage office locations

Brokerage offices are located at Zoluren Royal Mews (two rooms with same name, use SELL to find out proper spot), Theren Keep, El Bain’s Stop, the Noble Inn and North Roads Caravansary.

Brokerage commands

The deal is struck using the SELL and OFFER commands. Using these commands in the Brokerage office will provide basic information on how to use them during the brokerage process.

The process: Original seller (if there is one) SELLs the horse. Trader OFFERs to the horse seller. The Trader SELLs to show a horse is up for sale. The buyer OFFERs to the Trader.

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