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To acquire a last name, you must visit a Genealogy Office. Acquiring a last name is available to anyone, regardless of circle. If you wish to share the existing last name of another player, you will need to follow the adoption steps below.

Traders must be at least circle 55 to perform adoption services.


Management License
Only a last name owner can give management rights. If a license is a management license, the adoptee will have rights to distribute the surname via the adoption license. If the name owner allows management of the surname, he/she may not revoke the names that are given out. However, he/she can remove an individual's management rights via 'Reserve'.
Adoption License
If a license is an adoption license, the adopted player will only have the last name. He/she will have no rights to distribute the surname.

If you get a message saying you do not have the authority to sign the license then you need to register your last name with ASK CLERK FOR REGISTER (name). The cost is 10 plat (9 plat for Premium).

How to get licenses!
  • Trader must ASK the CLERK ABOUT ADOPTION.
This allows him/her to obtain the adoption license. There are 4 signatures required for an adoption:
  • The adopter must sign the contract
  • The adoptee signs
  • The adopter confirms
  • Trader signs as a witness.
Note To sign the license you must WRITE LICENSE WITH <charcoal/quill>.
There is a 50000 Kronar (40000 Lirum/36080 Dokora) fee for the process
  • The Trader and adoptee must both be present when the Trader turns the license in to the clerk.
Note Since the adopter and adoptee aren't both required to be present when the license is given to the clerk, characters on the same account can share names. With the current license setup, it's possible for a trader to travel between towns getting signatures and that the adopter and adoptee not be required to meet during the process.
Warning for adoptee
Make sure you read the license before you write your name on it!

Sharing a last name: You will be able to share last names with others if you have registered and become the owner of the last name. To do this, you will need to fill out a license and present it to the clerk. To complete a license, you'll need help from someone that is familiar with legal documents and contracts - a trader.

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