Packrat's Paradise (8)

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Packrat's Paradise
Event Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Drink shops, Food shops, Warrior Mage shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Packrat's Paradise, Sales Floor]
Containers literally surround you in this tent, as used and battered ones have been sewn together to make a crude patched shelter in which to sell goods. Several lanterns of different makes hang on drawstrings from various bags on the ceiling. The warm light from the lanterns reveals shabby decor around the room and mostly secondhand fixtures. The items for sale resting on the furniture, however, are far from second rate.
You also see a crooked shelf with several things on it, a wide counter with several things on it, a discard box, a tarnished brass-edged trunk with several things on it, a rickety rack with several things on it and a patched leather flap.
Obvious exits: northeast.

On the crooked shelf
Item Price Done
heart-shaped gift box covered with red satin 225   No
tattered gift box topped with a crushed bow 90   No
midnight blue gift box painted with silvery stars 225   No
golden gift box tied with a silvery bow 225   No
elegant velvet-covered gift box 902   No
colorful gift box painted with an assortment of candies 225   No
simple white gift box with a bright red bow 225   No
"These boxes are empty. Fill them yerself."
On the wide counter
Item Price Done
fir talisman case set with a gold clasp 5,412   !!
dark talisman case set with a silver clasp 3,157   !!
carved talisman case set with a bronze clasp 2,886   !!
simple talisman case set with a copper clasp 2,706   !!
soft leather talisman case set with an oak squirrel 9,020   !!
soft leather talisman case set with a jade lizard 9,020   !!
soft leather talisman case set with an onyx panther 9,020   !!
soft leather talisman case set with an ivory goose 9,020   !!
In the discard box
Item Price Done
colorful thigh bag painted with a dancing orange frog 451   !!
felt belt sack crafted from a faded jester's hat 541   !!
patched backpack sewn from an old pair of trousers 902   !!
dark oilcloth apron painted with a snarling red-eyed kitten 225   !!
stained belt pouch crafted from a single sock 90   !!
dark leather harness painted with fluffy pink bunnies 4,961   !!
On the brass-edged trunk
Item Price Done
large soldier's supply sack reinforced with steel-studded leather strips - contains steel-studded leather wristcuff, steel-studded leather belt, and steel-toed marching boots 2,706   
cylindrical lunch pail painted with stylized trees - contains bottle of fizzy fruit punch, shiny red apple, smoked turkey sandwich, chocolate creme tart, and buttery roast corn-on-the-cob 721   
soft foraging apron embroidered with an assortment of colorful berries - contains golden cloudberry, small blueberry, ripe cherry, plump gooseberry, and juicy strawberry 1,210   !!
"Each of these little things here gots at least one something in them, what it is, we ain't telling, you'll have to find out."
On the rickety rack
Item Price Done
grey goat-pelt sporran adorned with carved wooden buttons 1,353   !!
duffel bag with a woven leather strap 1,091   !!
soft shoulder satchel covered with silken blossoms 2,164   !!
leather hiker's rucksack 3,087   !!
mottled reaver-hide sack with bone-tipped strings 1,210   !!
blood-red thigh bag clasped with a curved ivory claw 24,732   !!
small arm pouch with an embroidered strap 599   !!
curved shoulder satchel crafted to resemble a ship 2,164   !!
shopping sack painted with colorful gift boxes 270   !!
cylindrical haversack crafted to resemble a giant tankard 676   !!
sky-blue silk bag with a delicate white lace overlay 3,157   !!

[Packrat's Paradise, Waiting Area]
The patched leather walls made from various containers are continued here from the sales floor, though due to clever construction, the sound from the sales floor is reduced to a subtle murmur. An eccentric collection of various places to sit rest conveniently around a center table heaped with all kinds of food.
You also see a patched leather chair, a woven mat made from scraps of canvas, a torn canvas curtain and a crooked alteration rules board.
Obvious exits: southwest.

  |                                                        |
  | We here just got simple rules, but ya better obey 'em! |
  |                (Or we'll throw ya out!)                |
  |                                                        |
  | 1) Have your design ready, if you don't, we'll throw   |
  |    you out.                                            |
  | 2) If you don't accept our changes when we say that's  |
  |    all we can do, we'll throw you out.                 |
  | 3) Our prices vary, but if you think we charge too     |
  |    much, we'll throw you out.                          |
  | 4) We got runners, but if you complain about their     |
  |    speed, we'll throw you out.                         |
  | 5) If you join a list a second time, we'll throw you   |
  |    out.                                                |
  | 6) We have the right at any time to throw you out for  |
  |    any reason.                                         |
  | 7) If you don't think we have the right to throw you   |
  |    out, we'll throw you out anyway.                    |
  |                                                        |
On the low table
Item Price Done
some spicy chicken wings 0   !!
a bowl of fizzing fruit punch 0   !!
a crooked tall chocolate layer cake 0   !!
a tray of sweet apple tarts sprinkled with cinnamon 0   
some candied ginger 0   !!
a pitcher of chilled sweet buttery cream 0