Thaumaturgic Things (2)

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Thaumaturgic Things
Event Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Bard shops, Cambrinth shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Main Room

[Thaumaturgic Things, Main Room]
Great ripples of the tent's canvas fold upon one another in piles scattered about the area. Slender wooden poles strain under the weight they bear from the oversized structure. In spite of the crude, outward appearance, remarkable furnishings fill much of the available space. Pieces of mannequins lie scattered about, though an open path down the center leads to a curtained archway.
You also see an exit flap, a red silk curtain, a dark mannequin head with several things on it, a lower-body mannequin with a few things on it and a dark mannequin torso with many arms with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the mannequin head
Item Price Done
large cambrinth medallion suspended from a braided black cord 20,380   
miniature cambrinth faenellica suspended from a twisted silver chain 18,942   
cambrinth song scroll suspended from a delicate gold filigree chain 16,236   
cambrinth wren suspended from an emerald satin choker 15,785   
These hold 8 mana.
On the lower-body mannequin
Item Price Done
platinum hip-chain with dangling cambrinth music notes - 12 mana 28,864   
ruby and diamond hip-chain clasped with a cambrinth song scroll - 12 mana 32,472   
twisted gold anklet with miniature cambrinth dancers - 32 mana 18,942   
On the mannequin torso
Item Price Done
delicate armband formed by interlocking cambrinth music notes 36,080   
wide gold etched cambrinth armband 39,146   
platinum armband inlaid with a faceted cambrinth bass clef 45,100   
translucent cambrinth armband decorated with small onyx plates 37,884   
amethyst and ivory bracer inset with cambrinth song notes 39,688   
dark cambrinth wristcuff with etched platinum music notes 36,982   
These hold 32 mana.

Side Room

[Thaumaturgic Things, Side Room]
A smooth glass counter lines the side of the tent. Twin silver trays sit upon the counter, one lined in red velvet and the other lined with black satin. From time to time a clerk takes out a rag and polishes the various pieces of merchandise. A slow, tranquil melody flows about the small room from somewhere unseen.
You also see an elegant silver tray lined with black satin with several things on it and a gleaming silver tray lined with red velvet with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the elegant tray
Item Price Done
cambrinth cufflinks crafted to resemble tiny flutes - 4 mana 8,523   
cambrinth cufflinks crafted to resemble tiny violins - 4 mana 8,605   
dark cambrinth cufflinks shaped to resemble treble clefs - 4 mana 6,765   
scale of cambrinth musical notes set upon a silver measure - 8 mana 16,236   
silver ring embellished with a cambrinth phoenix - 4 mana 4,149   
onyx ring set with a cambrinth heron - 4 mana 4,149   
rose-gold ring set with a polished cambrinth mitbiq - 4 mana 4,149   
cambrinth ring bearing the crest of the Bard's Guild - 4 mana 4,059   
On the gleaming tray
Item Price Done
polished ebony hairstick topped by a cambrinth treble clef - 6 mana 15,334   
cambrinth tambourine replica wrapped in a musical staff - 24 mana 31,570   
tiny cambrinth statuette shaped into the image of some beribboned bones - 24 mana 29,315   
modest cambrinth statue shaped to resemble a flute standing on its end - 24 mana 31,570   
solid cambrinth ocarina figurine with winding silver filigree - 24 mana 27,060   
elegant statuette crafted from cambrinth into the shape of a lyre - 24 mana 29,315   
stylized cambrinth lute figurine - 24 mana 27,060   
whimsical cambrinth hairnet lavishly studded with tiny instrumental beads - 8 mana 16,236   
onyx hairsticks with blunt cambrinth tips - 6 mana 15,334   
pair of black cambrinth hairsticks topped with ruby drums - 6 mana 14,432   

Back Room

[Thaumaturgic Things, Back Room]
Unlike the sagging canvas of the tent in the main room, this area is remarkably well kept. An agitated clerk flits about behind the single counter lining the back wall, often muttering to himself as he glances at his more prized merchandise. A wooden bench rests near the curtained archway.
You also see a large sign that you should read, a closed glass counter with some stuff in it and a red silk curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign that you should read reads:

| On a recent adventure I had the honor to work |
| with a fine lad on some interesting pieces.   |
| Showcased here within the glass counter are   |
| the items that I count among my favorites.    |
| If you purchase one, be sure to turn it about |
| as you admire its fine craftsmanship!         |
|                                               |
|                        --Management           |
In the glass counter
Item Price Done
delicate cambrinth cufflinks bearing the crest of the Bards' guild - 4 mana 112,750   
majestic cambrinth ring set with a polished diamond phoenix - 4 mana 108,240   
cambrinth amulet engraved with a small image - 8 mana 135,300