No Guts, No Gory (3)

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No Guts, No Gory
Event Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[No Guts, No Gory]
A sterile, antiseptic scent permeates the area, dominating your senses as you first enter. Lending ornamentation to the otherwise sparsely decorated room, mosaics grace the walls, broken only by the inset candle sconces that provide the chamber's light. Twin tables, one light and one dark, sit in the center of the shop displaying wares, each with a small stand at its end.
You also see a refreshments caddy with a couple of things on it, a steel door and a meat packing crate with a bright red sign tacked to it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the light table
Item Price Done
rough twine and shriveled ear necklace 902   
crusted frog eye amulet 902   
fossilized pivuh heart strung on braided sinew 4,510   
necklace sporting several leathery pig snouts 902   
On the dark table
Item Price Done
low slung hip-chain of preserved celpeze eyes 18,040   
lumpy yeehar stomach 18,040   !!
thigh bag created from an enlarged kidney 2,706   !!
speckled liver beret complete with gall bladder puff-ball 2,706   !!
well-preserved kidney fashioned into a pouch 2,255   !!
milky white turban comprised of intricately-wrapped intestines 4,059   !!
haphazardly stitched organ leather boots 3,608   !!
dried deer intestine handwraps affixed with horn barbs 4,510   
footwraps studded with gizzard stones 4,510   
pair of lacquered pig tails fashioned into earrings 451   
On the light stand
Item Price Done
length of twisted catgut 902   
On the dark stand
Item Price Done
shalswar bladder waterskin 1,804   !!
In the packing crate
Item Price Done
viciously serrated meat saw 7,757,200   
jagged meat tenderizer affixed to a smokewood haft 7,667,000   
large butcher knife with a heartwood handle 7,847,400   
vardite-edged meat cleaver 8,118,000   
gutting knife with a dark sanguine tursa blade 4,510,000   
sickle with a Dalaeji black sapphire-inlaid vedda wood handle 5,412,000   
heavy concussive baton crafted from kertig-studded Dwarven iron 3,968,800   
firestained razaksel sledgehammer bearing asini decorations 6,314,000   
A bright red sign reads:
"Ya only get one, and there ain't that many of 'em. No refunds!"
Note for Players: All items are for sale at once, but are limited one per account. The crate will appear and leave periodically throughout the festival. Check for announcements in game and via the DragonRealms Twitter account.
On the refreshments caddy
Item Price Done
a plate of crispy hog chitlins 0   
a skull full of jellied bird brains 0