Feleah Family Crafts (7)

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Feleah Family Crafts
Event Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Music shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Feleah Family Crafts, Front Room]
Small yet cozy, everything in this yurt is made to be easily transportable. Hanging from the apex of the yurt, a single lantern sheds just enough light for customers to examine the quality of the merchandise. Opposite the exit flap, a curtain hangs, blocked by a makeshift barricade of branches to prohibit shoppers from entering the family's living area.
You also see a well-crafted table with several things on it and a well-crafted stool with a carved sparrow-shaped ocarina on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the well-crafted table
Item Price Done
bacon rosette set with a copper piglet charm 451   
twisted chain anklet with dangling egg-shaped beads 1,804   
glossy black wooden cricket 811   
grey mouse-shaped beanbag with a long pink tail 631   
small belt pouch shaped like a chubby sparrow 1,353   
braided leather tailband tied with a dangling feather 811   
soft suede thigh pouch adorned with a small bundle of feathers 1,713   !!
lizard-shaped copper ring coated with a soft green patina 721   
cloisonne pin shaped to resemble a butterfly 2,706   
narrow wood barrette set with a tiny woven felt nest 676   
pink leather choker clasped with a rat skull 1,353   
wool shawl knitted to resemble a giant moth 1,804   
intricately woven bracelet interspersed with colorful glass beads 721   
large hoop earrings with dangling rodent skulls 1,353   
small glass pin shaped into a triquetra 902   
On the well-crafted stool
Item Price Done
carved sparrow-shaped ocarina 3,157