Burning Embers (2)

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Burning Embers
Event Dwarven Culture Faire 419, Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Barbarian shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Burning Embers, Smoky Haze]
Veiled in crimson glass, several paired candles line the black walls, penetrating the shadows like the glowing red eyes of creatures unkind. In the very center of the room, a broad iron firepit is filled with smoldering cinders that threaten to extinguish with every sputter and spark. Wispy tendrils of dark smoke snake their way up toward the low ceiling, tainting the area with a pungent scent that sneaks into the fresh air outside with every departing patron.
You also see a miasma-choked archway, a plain mahogany chest, a salt-stained driftwood box and a mud-spattered oak trunk.
Obvious exits: none.

In the mahogany chest
Item Price Done
rough-cut abstract chakrel amulet 180,400   
rough-cut crescentic chakrel amulet 180,400   
rough-cut pentagonal chakrel amulet 180,400   
rough-cut pyramidal chakrel amulet 180,400   
rough-cut cylindrical chakrel amulet 180,400   
rough-cut spherical chakrel amulet 180,400   
rough-cut cubical chakrel amulet 180,400   
rough-cut toroidal chakrel amulet 180,400   
In the driftwood box
Item Price Done
majestic chakrel dragon suspended from beaded leather 360,800   
double-headed chakrel axe hung from a heavy black chain 360,800   
spear-wielding chakrel centaur suspended on a length of black leather 360,800   
roiling chakrel flame amulet hung from a blackened silver chain 360,800   
wicked chakrel sword hung from silvery chainmail 360,800   
feral chakrel boar hung from darkened leather 360,800   
arced chakrel comet hung from a blackened iron chain 360,800   
chipped chakrel shark suspended from braided fishing line 360,800   
In the oak trunk
Item Price Done
rough-cut chakrel stone suspended from a silver chain 360,800   
sleeping chakrel bear suspended from braided sinew 360,800   
snarling chakrel wolverine suspended from darkened leather 360,800   
chakrel whirlwind suspended from silvery chainmail 360,800   
spread-winged chakrel raptor hung from crimson silk 360,800   
chakrel spider suspended from braided spidersilk 360,800   
howling chakrel wolf hung from bone-beaded twine 360,800   
carved chakrel serpent hung from braided leather 360,800