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Festival Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419
Owner Farmer Thorkim
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Unknown
This store only accepts Dokoras

Barnyard Shop

[Thorkim Family Farm, Barnyard]
A few clumps of vegetation struggle to survive in the compacted dirt of the enclosure. Fencing for various paddocks and corrals, along with numerous structures, help define the irregular space. A few chickens wander across the expanse, searching for anything edible. You also see a parchment holder, a wooden tray with an infuser stone on it, a short stand with a potency crystal on it, a mud-splattered table with several things on it, a charity chest, a large wooden barrel and Farmer Thorkim.
Obvious paths: north.

Farmer Thorkim sells items for pigs in exchange for Grooba coins.

On a mud-splattered table
Item Price Done
light pig chalk 1   
heavy pig chalk 1   !!
cracked pig chalk 1   
colorful pig chalk 2   !!
On a parchment holder
Item Price Done
muddied parchment - Title: Bacon Buddy 1   
dirty parchment - Title: Swine Savant 1   
dusty parchment - Title: Porcine Partier 1   
filthy parchment - Title: Pig Catcher 1   
smudged parchment - Title: Thorkim's Friend 1   
begrimed parchment - Title: Pork Farmer 1   
On a wooden tray
Item Price Done
infuser stone 4   
On a short stand
Item Price Done
potency crystal 5