Sophisticated Swine

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Sophisticated Swine
Event Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Sophisticated Swine]
The smell of pigs hangs heavy in the air, almost totally covering the scent of wet dirt from the muddy ground. Five smaller pens line one side of the sty, a cacophony of oinking emanating from them, while a pile of hay with a pitchfork sticking out of it stands in one corner. You also see a mud-splattered sign, a bushel basket, a drying rack with several things on it and an exit gate.
Obvious exits: none.

A mud-splattered sign reads:
"These piglets aren't for sale, just the clothes on them, so don't ask.
Also, please note that all collars only fit pigs.  No refunds."
In the bushel basket
Item Price Done
soft crocheted shirt crafted to resemble chain mail 1,578   
sleek shirt with quilted wings on the back 1353   
quilted yellow vest stitched to resemble an ear of corn 1,127   No
baggy tunic stitched together from worn blankets 902   No
black shirt embroidered with a pig head 1,353   No
yellow knit sweater resembling the color of applesauce 1,127   No
On the drying rack
Item Price Done
leather belt with a tiny felt sword attached to one side 902   
collar of overlapping golden coins 2,255   
sky blue ribbon collar with a dangling silver wing charm 1,353   
sleek headband with feathered wings folded on each side 1,353   No
simple leather collar 902   
battered black collar with crudely painted pig skulls 1,127   
brown leather collar painted with apples 1,353   
pair of white bunny ears with pink satin lining 1,353   No
striped bowtie patterned to resemble bacon 902   No
necklace strung with a variety of beans 225   No
On the tan piglet (which is on a pig pen)
Item Price Done
rainbow-striped collar with a delicate rose gold charm 19,844   
golden circlet crafted to resemble a ring of pineapple 1,804   No
colorful floral-patterned dress with a tropical grass skirt 2,706   No
On the black piglet (which is on a pig pen)
Item Price Done
bacon-patterned belt with miniature dangling frying pan charms 1,353   No
silky tunic with a small bacon-emblazoned cape attached to the back 2,255   No
grey felt helm with a bacon plume 1,353   
On the pink piglet (which is on a pig pen)
Item Price Done
green ribbon collar with a dangling ruby apple charm 2,706   
soft white sundress embroidered with a repeating pattern of apples 2,706   !!
wreath of silk apple blossoms 902   No
On the spotted piglet (which is on a pig pen)
Item Price Done
tiny animite crown set with a rainbow of gems 1,127,500   
slender goldweave collar with a fine silversteel buckle 405,900   
royal blue camlet vest with scarlet emerald buttons 270,600   
On the muddy piglet (which is on a pig pen)
Item Price Done
frayed twine belt 90   
mud-streaked burlap sack 135   
mud-caked leather collar with a tarnished buckle 225