Traveling Cook

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The Traveling Cook
Event Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415, Premium Mini Festival 418, Shard Theater Faire 419, Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419, Thorkim Family Farm 429
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

note: the Thorkim Family Farm 429 version has all the following items, but the currency for the shop was Kronar.

[The Traveling Cook]
A central wooden pole pulls the leathern ceiling of this small shop upwards. On opposite sides of the pole, two racks display cooking instruments and non-perishable foodstuffs, while a metal chest filled with shaved ice preserves meats and other perishables.
You also see a wooden box, a tent flap and a colorful table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the wooden box
Item Price Done
simple white padded mittens 135   
heavily padded mittens shaped to look like cow's heads 225   
mottled chef's hat 811   
dark linen chef's hat 1,353   
chef's hat emblazoned with a crossed fork and spoon 1,082   
pure white chef's hat 902   
bright red apron patterned with a variety of foods 2,706   
black apron embroidered with colorful cows 2,706   
blue and white gingham apron edged in ruffles 1,353   
crisp white apron 902   
On the dry goods rack
Item Price Done
brownie dough 45   
cookie dough 45   
uncooked dough with sliced apples 45   
sliced potatoes 36   
popcorn kernels 36   
In the metal chest
Item Price Done
raw viper kabob 63   
raw bacon 27   
raw snowbeast sausage 67   
raw mutton 45   
raw armadillo roast 1,000   
raw lamb shank 45   
hunk of raw wyvern 3,000   
raw salmon fillet 45   
raw steak 45   
raw chicken 45   
On the colorful table
Item Price Done
square red pan 4,510   
square blue pan 4,510   
square yellow pan 4,510   
square black pan 4,510   
round black pan 4,510   
round yellow pan 4,510   
round blue pan 4,510   
round red pan 4,510   
On the hanging rack
Item Price Done
ornate pan covered in swirling scrollwork 6,765   
shiny pan with a smooth black handle 6,765   
tiny grey skillet shaped like a mouse 4,961   
pink enameled skillet shaped like a fat pig 6,765   
molded iron skillet shaped to display an array of fruits on the bottom 6,765   
engraved pan with a floral pattern on the handle 6,765   
round pan 4,510   
cast iron skillet 4,510