Nidia's Floral Arrangements (2)

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Nidia's Floral Arrangements
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396, Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419
Owner Nidia
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Florist shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras


[Nidia's Floral Arrangements, Front]
A long dirt-covered path winds from the entry towards the back of the tent, with multiple types of flora from across Elanthia planted in the gardens on either side. Trellises burdened with vines hug the sides of the tent, while small bushes surround the rows of single flowers in a curving U-shape.
You also see a large bucket of gloop, a hanging basket displaying a plethora of orchids, a long gardener's table with several things on it and an exit flap.
Obvious exits: north.

In the western garden
Item Price Done
pale blue windflower 270   No
pink-tinged snow trillium 270   No
delicate white snowdrop 180   No
bright pink desert rose 180   No
scarlet poppy 180   No
deep purple nightshade 180   No
pale white magnolia 180   No
pink jes-rose 180   No
dark plum Garden's Bounty blossom 180   No
black Dergati's Night blossom 180   No
white star astilbe 180   No
red-orange bloodflower 180   
In the eastern garden
Item Price Done
snow-white geshiloira blossom 180   No
Katamba-black rose 451   No
golden sunflower 72   No
purple almagarus 72   No
yellow honeysuckle 27   DG
white oxeye daisy 13   No
deep blue azalea 36   No
pink carnation 58   !!
purple iris 32   !!
In the hanging basket
Item Price Done
pale blue Dragon Spine orchid 180   
dark pink fox brush orchid 180   No
purple-pink dragon's mouth orchid 180   No
starry white moon orchid 180   No
dusky violet moth orchid 180   No
deep magenta Beacon-of-Hope orchid 180   No
On the gardener's table
Item Price Done
yellow fawn lily 270   No
creamy water lily 270   No
bright orange tiger-lily 270   No
bright red jungle lily 270   No
orange fire lily 180   No
white spider lily 180   No


[Nidia's Floral Arrangements, Tent]
Potted plants and chimes hang down from the roof, spreading a gentle fragrance throughout the tent. Seeds and gardening tools fill a waist-high cabinet along the wall, situated beneath a porcelain vase of red almagarus flowers.
You also see a small red-leafed bush residing in a large plot of dirt, a thick curtain and a whitewashed sign.
Obvious exits: south.

A whitewashed sign reads:

~~Nidia's Floral Arrangements~~

Greetings! For those that desire to try their hand at basic flower arrangement, on the cabinet there are multiple patterns to create circlets, bracelets, and more! While we regret that preserved and herbal flowers are too difficult to manipulate to fit into these patterns, we're sure that you'll find our available selection more than sufficient to create your perfect floral masterpiece. The vial included with the pattern contains enough preservative to guard your entire piece from time and the elements, as well as conserve its fragrance for eternity! Note, though, that only the foremost flower you place on the pattern will be visible from afar when the pattern is complete.

-- Sincerely,
Nidia Etone, Proprietress

On the waist-high cabinet
Item Price Done
basic anklet pattern 2,922   
basic wristlet pattern 3,084   
basic tailband pattern 2,922   
basic headband pattern 3,084   
basic circlet pattern 3,084   
basic necklace pattern 3,003   
basic armband pattern 3,166   
basic bracelet pattern 3,084