Little Frills (Shard)

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Little Frills
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67e
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trinket shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Little Frills]
At the center of the showroom is a miniature festival wagon, its big wheels and high-backed seats gilded and brightly painted. On it sit dolls of the eleven races for sale in the shop. The dolls' clothes and accessories surround the display on a rainbow of colorful counters -- violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. You also see a glittery shoe tree with some stuff on it, a porcelain hat rack with some stuff on it, and the street door.

Shop Note: This is doll clothing, all of it. Some normal clothing looks the same at a glance, and thus you may find this page, but this is doll clothing.

On the Festival Wagon
Item Price Done
Porcelain Kaldar doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Prydaen doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Rakash doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Elothean doll 4,510   No
Porcelain S'Kra doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Gnome doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Elven doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Halfling doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Gor'Tog doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Human doll 4,510   No
Porcelain Dwarven doll 4,510   No
On the Violet Counter
Item Price Done
Lavender gauze doll tunic with a low embroidered collar 270   No
Roomy green gauze doll blouse with slim suede ties 270   No
Sleeveless black silk doll blouse with slender satin straps 270   No
Ivory linen doll tunic with embroidered lilies on the wide straps 270   No
Lightweight linen doll tunic dyed with pastel swirls 270   No
Loose black gauze doll tunic with airy macrame sides 270   No
Loose gauze doll blouse with narrow ribbon ties 270   No
Airy blue doll blouse with tiny silver buttons 270   No
On the Blue counter
Item Price Done
Short many-layered sapphire-blue gossamer doll dress 270   No
Twilight-blue doll dress clasped at the hip with a silk nightshade 270   No
Short tangerine-hued silk doll dress with wide ribbon straps 270   No
Fire-red silk doll dress belted with a gold knotwork chain 270   No
Short storm-purple satin doll dress with silver beaded fringe 270   No
Soft white cotton shift edged with narrow lilac ribbons 270   No
On the Green Counter
Item Price Done
Gauzy white cotton doll sundress with narrow macrame straps 270   No
Knee-length pink linen doll dress embroidered with swirling wildflowers 270   No
Knee-length black satin doll dress belted with a gossamer hip-wrap 270   No
Short blue brushed cotton doll dress painted with blooming azaleas 270   No
Dandelion-yellow knit doll dress with an off-the-shoulder collar 270   No
Short seafoam-green knit doll dress with a shell fringe 270   No
Filmy green doll dress clasped with a red silk rose at the hip 270   No
Periwinkle cashmere doll dress cinched with a narrow leather belt 270   No
On the Yellow Counter
Item Price Done
Shadowy black doll pants with suede knee patches 270   No
Pale lilac doll pants embroidered with climbing ivy 270   No
Lily-white silk doll pants with dainty gold buttons 270   No
Dark blue doll pants patterned with lilac sprays 270   No
Gauzy pink doll pants tied with wide ribbons at the knees 270   No
Forest-green doll pants of lightweight wool 270   No
Beige satin doll pants embroidered with blooming roses 270   !!
On the Orange Counter
Item Price Done
Tiny midnight-black silk fan painted with blooming crimson 180   No
Tiny peach lace and silverwillow fan dangling a rose-painted ribbon 135   No
Tiny white silk and mahogany fan painted with a jade lotus blossom 180   No
Tiny gauze and ironwood fan painted with storm clouds and lightning 135   No
Tiny gauze and willow fan painted with seashells 135   No
Tiny blue silk and driftwood fan painted with leaping dolphins 180   No
Tiny fan of red and gold silk painted with gilded flames 180   No
On the Red Counter
Item Price Done
Rosy pink pair of fingerless satin doll gloves 45   No
Cashmere doll gloves with leather buttons at the cuff 45   No
Elbow-length pair of gauzy grey doll gloves 45   No
White satin doll gloves with velvet hearts 45   No
Wrist-length pair of fingerless black lace doll gloves 45   No
Wrist-length pair of pink lace doll gloves 45   No
White linen doll gloves stitched with flowers at the cuffs 45   No
Sea-green lace doll gloves with seed pearls at the wrists 45   No
On the Shoe Tree
Item Price Done
Sky-blue leather doll sandals with hammered copper buckles 496   No
Leather doll sandals with decorative bronze studs 631   No
Pale green doll sandals with silk ivy over the toes 676   No
Pink doll sandals with beaded roses over the toes 721   No
Golden doll sandals with a beaded sunburst over the toes 721   No
Yellow doll sandals with beaded daisies over the toes 721   No
Nightsilk doll sandals decorated with crystal panthers 902   No
On the Hat Rack
Item Price Done
Floppy straw doll hat with orange blossoms on its brim 67   No
Pale blue gingham doll bonnet tied with wide ribbons 67   No
Low-brimmed straw doll hat dyed a rich plum hue 67   No
Buttercream silk doll hat with peach roses tucked in a velvet band 90   No
Indigo silk doll hat rimmed with ivory lace 90   No
Lavender silk doll hat with magnolia blossoms tucked in a velvet band 90   No
Leaf-green doll bonnet patterned with ripe red strawberries 67   No

*Note: This shop remains opened at night