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The Fancy Pants Adventure Club is Elanthia's premiere exploit-based sartorial social organization! It's open to anyone, though ideally its members will be people who enjoy fancy clothes and/or adventure.

How to Join

Contact Allye, either in game or via Discord at Allye#8008


The inspiration for this club was sparked during the Hollow's Eve festival in 432AV, when many of us gown people were gathering so regularly and so faithfully around the Damsel in this Dress mannequin, waiting so very patiently for limited edition gowns.

A number of people expressed their frustration that events where formal attire was feasible were few and far between. Here we were, clamoring over all these beautiful new gowns, with nowhere really to where them.

A ball here, a masquerade there. Maybe a play now and then. Those are fun, of course. But we gown people, we yearned for more.

So here we are! The idea is, we'll all dress up in whatever fun clothes are usually tucked deep in the back of our wardrobes for another fancier day. We'll get together, marvel at one another's fashion prowess, and we'll explore some fun places!

Club Rings

TAP: a stately ring carved from bronze
LOOK: The solid band is polished to a gleaming shine and supports an intricately engraved crest.  Haloed by a sculpted wreath of acacia branches, delicate etchings depict a pair of swans, their wings displayed grandly with feathers ruffled out in every direction.

Dancing Swan Catering Company

Introducing the latest venture from your friendly neighborhood Adventure Club: event planning! Allow the FPAC team to curate an extravagant experience for you and your guests, with a wealth of ideas and a frankly somewhat unhinged level of enthusiasm for cataloguing every food item in this text world.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Venue Hunting
  • Catering
  • Calendar Entry Requests
  • Custom Invitations
  • Wedding Ceremony Planning
  • Image and Fashion Consultation
  • ... and much more, probably!

For assistance with your very own event, please submit a request here: Request Form

Previous FPAC Events

Event Name Event Date Event Description
Fancy Pants Adventure Club Recruitment Drive 4 Uthmor 433 (01/23/2020) Co-hosted by the Tavern Troupe. During the club's premiere excursion, attendees took a pleasant cruise from Ilaya Taipa to Ain Ghazal, followed by a banquet, performances, and a raffle of unique items.
A Wine Tasting Tour 24 Skullcleaver 433 (02/27/2020) Attendees were invited to join a lavish cross-province escapade, experiencing three wine tastings at three unique locally owned and operated venues from Zoluren, Therengia, and Ilithi.
A Night at the Operas 36 Akroeg 434 (03/31/2020) Lucky event-goers were whisked along on a multi-provincial tour to be regaled by three impassioned masterpieces at three stunning performance venues.
A Garden Splendor Wedding Adventure 12 Arhat 434 (05/14/2020) Co-hosted by the Tavern Troupe. Members and friends joined us on a grand party to celebrate the warmer weather, the blossoming flora, and a spectacular moonlit garden wedding.
A Fancy Murder Mystery Dinner 1 Akroeg 435 (06/30/2020) Members and guests joined us to partake in a formal dinner experience not to be missed: thrilled by the intrigue, the carefully orchestrated danger, and the most exquisite of culinary capers!
A Fancy Pants Glitter Ball and Raffle 12 Moliko 436 (12/10/2020) Glamorously garbed attendees participated in an extravagant raffle, each winning one of forty rare and unique prizes. Somehow the number of guests and number of prizes was an exact match, and Allye was both amazed and relieved!