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Re: 3.0 Damage Caps · on 10/28/2012 09:07 PM CDT 2673
Although simplified in a few areas, this is more or less how damage is calculated:

1). Start with the base damage of the weapon.

2). Multiply base damage by the combat style you are using.

3). Determine the damage bonus from the accuracy of your hit. This applies a factor from 20% to 200% (more than 200% with some special attacks).

4). Add in bonuses from strength, weapon power and other bonuses.

5). Roll with a random factor, and this is your damage.

6). Based on the vitality of the target, a % of this damage is turned into wound damage. This is usually close to 0% when a target is above 80% vitality.

Damage is not really capped, per say. But the bonus from landing an extremely good hit (due to having a massive amount of skill), ends at 200%.

One-shotting is gone simply because everything has a ton more hit points than it did before - and because it is impossible to destroy critical body parts on the first hit. I hope that makes sense.

This message was originally posted in Combat - Weapons and Armor \ General Discussions, by DR_KODIUS on the forums.