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Abilities that train Augmentation

Barbarian Abilities

Barbarian Abilities
Avalanche (berserk)berserkFatigue heal, PulsingHorde1
Bear Formform+Warding skill, +Strength (stat)Flame2
Buffalo FormformReduces encumbrance.Flame1
Cobra FormformUnknown
Contemplationmeditation+Augmentation skill, +Brigandine skill, +Chain Armor skill, +Light Armor skill, +Plate Armor skillFlame1
Cyclone (berserk)berserk+Charisma (stat), voice recovery bonus.Flame2
Dragon Formform+Large Blunt skill, +Large Edged skill, +Polearms skill, +Small Blunt skill, +Small Edged skill, +Staves skill, +Twohanded Blunt skill, +Twohanded Edged skill, Only held melee weapon.Horde2
Eagle Formform+Bows skill, +Crossbows skill, +Heavy Thrown skill, +Light Thrown skill, +Slings skillPredator2
Focus (meditation)meditation+Locksmithing skillHorde1
Monkey Formform+Reflex (stat), Balance heal, pulsing recoveryFlame2
Owl Formform+Perception skillPredator1
Panther Formform+Stealth skillPredator1
Piranha Formform+Evasion skillPredator2
Prediction (meditation)meditationWhen disabled (stun/immobilize/web/knockdown), you dive-roll out of the room.Predator3
Python Formform+Parry Ability skillHorde1
Seekmeditation+Outdoorsmanship skillPredator1
StaunchmeditationStops all bleeding for a time.Predator2
Toad FormformElemental damage resistance.Horde2
Tornado (berserk)berserk+Shield Usage skill, +Stamina (stat)Predator2
Tsunami (berserk)berserkIncreases Balance and primary weapon stat of held weapon.Flame2
Unyieldingmeditation+Athletics skillHorde1
Volcano (berserk)berserkEach death blow against them will instead drain Inner Fire.Horde3
Wildfireberserk+Agility (stat), bonus weapon speed.Horde2
Wolverine FormformAdvancing speed boost.Predator1

Barbarian Abilities

Bard Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Blessing of the Fae80+Attunement pool, +Attunement pool regenerationcyclic1
Drums of the Snake80+Locksmithing skill, +Agility (stat)standard2
Echoes of Aether80+Attunement skill, +Sorcery skill, +Intelligence (stat)ritual2
Eillie's Cry0+Performance skill, locate on deathstandard1
Faenella's Grace0+Scholarship skill, decreases time between teaching pulses.cyclic1
Harmony250+Evasion skill, +Parry Ability skill, +Reflex (stat)standard3
Misdirection80+Stealth skill, -Perception skill, Buff is self only, Debuff is AoEbattle2
Rage of the Clans80+Melee accuracy, +Ranged accuracy, pulses to group.standard2
Soul Ablaze250+Augmentation skill, +Debilitation skill, +Charisma (stat)ritual2
Whispers of the Muse10+Alchemy skill, +Enchanting skill, +Engineering skill, +Forging skill, +Outfitting skill, Buffs the target's highest skill only.standard1
Will of Winter80+Targeted Magic skill, +Discipline (stat), Changes Bard damage spells to include cold.ritual2
Words of the Wind10+Bardic Lore skill, +Wisdom (stat), +Mojo regenerationritual2

Cleric Abilities

Cleric Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Aspects of the All-God10+Augmentation skill, +Debilitation skill, +Sorcery skill, +Targeted Magic skill, +Utility skill, +Warding skill, -Primary Magic skill, -Augmentation skill, -Debilitation skill, -Targeted Magic skill, -Utility skill, -Warding skill, Rapid alignment change. Nonstandard alignments.ritual2
Auspice10+Charisma (stat), +Spirit health, +Spirit health regenerationstandard2
Benediction80+Agility (stat), +Reflex (stat), +Strength (stat), Varying bonus amount.standard3
Centering0Balance healstandard1
Glythtide's Gift10+Wisdom (stat), Creates a drink.standard1
Major Physical Protection80+Defending skill, +Evasion skillstandard3
Persistence of Mana80+Attunement skill, +Attunement pool regenerationritual2
Revelation80+Perception skill, Pulses to do a magical search that reveals names and allows you to POINT if you find their source.cyclic3
Sanctify Pattern10+Augmentation skill, +Debilitation skill, +Utility skill, +Warding skill, Only one at a timestandard2
Shield of Light80+Shield Usage skill, Conjures a shieldbattle3