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Classes and Interests I'm Devoted To Mastering

In-game I have so far become familiar with the following classes:

  • Cleric
  • Bard
  • Trader
  • Empath
  • Moon Mage

I enjoy combat most of all and aim to be as self-sufficient as possible. The Forging system has proven itself to be quite an intriguing system as well, so I have put a fair amount of effort into understanding it as comprehensively as possible, too.

My Stormfront Scripts

As I create more and more scripts, I'll provide links to them here. I build them to work as hands-free as possible, but still requiring enough interaction to assure that I'm still at the keyboard and available to interact with others if need be. I also aim to keep in mind as many potential variables as possible while keeping things as user-friendly as possible, too. As such, I always prefer to use pre-set variables when possible, but use in-script prompts when necessary.

Travel Scripts

- Inspired by the Leth Travel script below, it works the same, but on a more massive scale.
- Almost 300 starting points and destinations throughout Zoluren, Haven, Theren and Fang Cove.
- Includes hunting grounds, crafting societies, guilds, training locations, and shops
- All possible destinations are also possible starting points.
- Handles trips across the gondola, ferry and mammoths.
- Accepts entry via command line (.Leth bank), or via prompt once the script is started.
- Accepts creature names for many of the nearby hunting areas to set destination by.
- Gives helpful prompts upon arrival at the destination when deemed useful.

Empath Scripts

- Designed for young empaths.
- Uses HW and HS exclusively.
- Assumes use of cambrinth, has options for various mana levels and kinds of cambrinth.
- Designed for young empaths.
- Heals themselves of wounds while keeping any external bleeders that they already have.
- Uses whatever cambrinth you designate, but at a specific amount of mana predetermined within the script.

Barbarian Scripts

- Designed specifically for barbarians to train expertise.

Trader Scripts

I have a few trading scripts that I would like to combine into one. Once I've done so, I will upload it.

Cleric Scripts

- Uses cambrinth to cast rejuv until the memories of the corpse in question are fully restored. (very basic script)
- Preps, casts, harnesses and infuses Rezz for however much mana you choose to do it for
- Upon locating the spirit, it tops off the rejuv, casts SB, and infuses Rezz one more time, just to be safe
- It then whispers the target to inform them of the rezz-to-come
- Lastly, it looks at the corpse and prompts you to verify that the body is healthy enough to survive
- With confirmation, it gestures and completes the rezz.
- If orb is uncharged, charges orb
- Loads orb with all of your declared spells, at your preferred mana level
- Can be used via ".om charge" solely to charge it - will do so via infusion if you wish
- Pauses if you're short on mana and resumes where it left off
- Informs you when complete

Moon Mage Scripts

- Finds a moon to use.
- Prepares and casts CV, PG, FM, Locate, and SM.
- Moves the new moonbeam to the location of the person located.
- Uses the first variable as the name of the person to locate, the second one allows you to skip to a specific spell in the casting sequence.
- You set the amount to prep each spell at, and to charge cambrinth for right at the top of the script.

Disarm & Lockpicking Script

- Unequips armor, searches a bag of your choice for boxes, grabs the box, identifies the trap, disarms the box, identifies the lock, picks it, opens it, loots it, dismantles it, and if you want, it'll harvest the traps, too... then it'll starts over from the top again - crazy comprehensive!

Forging Scripts

- Stirs the crucible, etc, to create an ingot.
- Refines the ingot if you start it with the variable "refine".
- Prompts you to verify if you want to refine when it is started with borax flux in your hands, but without the variable.
- My barbarian does Weaponsmithing, and my Trader does both Blacksmithing and Armorsmithing, so this script will work regardless of career and complete work orders from start to finish, as long as you have all required materials on hand initially... regardless of what work order is accepted, or the quantity it requires. It also provides options to use any kind of ingot (though it verifies things first, assuming use of Bronze), and has an option within it to allow for custom jobs, and prompts when things go awry.
- You'll need to set your tool container, and tool belt, you'll then need to define which tools (up to 7 possible) that you wish to repair.
- Once the containers and tools are set within the script, it will repair up to 7 total tools.
- If you are missing a brush, it will tell you and wait for you to acquire one. Type GTG or just nod to advance the script anew.
- Same holds true for lack of oil.

General Combat Scripts

- Designed for any class to train tactics with ease.

::::I've created several other very comprehensive combat scripts that also include looting. While they're nearly in their final stage, I would like to work with them further before I consider them complete. Includes exp checks and looting.

Skill Training Scripts

- Allows you to customize script to match your cambrinth (1 or 2 camb possible) and class.
- You determine which spells and how much mana to prep the spells for (and cambrinth manas, too).
- Cycles through all three spells to train your Augmentation, Utility, and Warding concurrently until mind locked.