Blizzard Berserk

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Barb thumb.jpgBarbarian Guild
Requirements: 0
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: intro
Type / Skill: berserk / augmentation
Path: Horde
Description: Guildleader: With a smirk, Agonar replies, "Rage does not always burn hot, sometimes it's icy cold. That is when our strikes land hardest."

Research: You recall the Blizzard Berserk is an Introductory ability in the Path of the Horde. Enacting this rage will enhance your damage.

Effect: +Damage of weapon-based attacks.
Messaging: Starting: Unleashing a blizzard of hate, its raging violence amplifies the damage of your attacks!

Ending: Your hate weakens and you struggle to maintain its ferocity.
Ended: Your blizzard of hate melts away, leaving you deflated and empty of its violent rage