The First Land Herald/421-05-09

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Article Number: BI44
Dateline: 421-05-09

On the 34th day of Shorka the Cobra, 421 years after Lanival’s victory, the dark god Drogor unleashed his wrath on the inhabitants of Ratha, a bustling seaport and economic center of Qi'Reshalia province. The assault consisted of cloud eels, brine sharks, and electrified Drogorian stormriders (roughly in that order of difficulty) and lasted for approximately two anlaen before finally subsiding.

Local resident Yanbelev Woodbury provided this eye-witness description of one of the sharks:

Looking exactly like a shark comprised of dark, brackish water, this strange construct seems to float effortlessly through the air, darting to and fro with thrusts of its angular tail. Vicious ivory teeth line its maw, and soulless cobalt eyes constantly scan the area for prey.

Yanbelev also noted that the sharks possessed the unsettling ability to move through the ground and into buildings. "Took an empath to the alchemy society buildin, she were tryina escape 'em. Thought we'd have a safe haven there. I turned to look outside, an one slipped in, an got her perished.” He went on to state that, in desperate need of a safe place to set up triage, the defenders moved the wounded and dead to Eluned’s Temple on the city’s third tier, perhaps hoping the neutrality of that aspect would somehow ward off the minions of the angry ocean god. There were no reports of enemies invading the temple, although the invasion was generally confined to the lower tiers.

According to Yanbelev, the eels were versed in the use of Elemental spells such as Thunderclap and Geyser, while the stormriders blanketed entire areas with Electrostatic Eddies. Although details are still sketchy, there have as yet been no confirmed reports of a single stormrider being defeated.

Repelling the invasion was made more difficult by the scarcity of fighters skilled enough to handle the tougher opponents. Tenike Sylofr, one of the adventurers who came to the aid of the island, remarked that while some of the lesser foes were dispatched with relative ease, the great white brine shark that took up residence in the bank on the first tier proved to be quite the challenge even for the combined might of himself, Klurn, and Jondong.

But not all of the adventurers within the city were distraught by the attack—at least one, in fact, seemed to revel in the chaos. Well known for her devotion to the dark aspects, the Cleric Whiteburn reported that she was cleaning the altar of Drogor on Kssintlee Way in preparation for some sort of sacrifice as the event unfolded. What effect this had on the invasion is unclear, though it is hard to imagine that Drogor did not take notice of His disciple’s efforts. Happening to pass by at the time, Kintalia Bloodspire-Silvermist very nearly became an unwilling participant in the proceedings but managed to escape with her life after the ceremony was interrupted by the arrival of a Drogorian stormrider.

Whiteburn said that while on Ratha she was also blinded by a flash of marine-hued light after which she experienced a “strange sensation of being pulled in many directions all at once.” This begs the question: was the invasion of Ratha an isolated event born from the ire of a god who, according to legend, has great disdain for the island of Reshalia? Or is this part of something bigger, connected in some unseen way to the recent attacks on Shard, Hibarnhvidar, and the Crossing? Only time will tell.

Simera Asherah
Assistant Reporter, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date
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