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Article Number: BI38
Dateline: 421-04-02

Today the northeast section of the Crossing was overrun by creatures of the Fae. Boggles, spriggans, banshees, and faenrae reavers and assassins were all present and wrought havoc upon the Ranger's guild, the Warrior Mage's guild, and many of the streets in between the two. Citizens Pfanston and Dulan claimed at the start, they heard a wind, followed by a chiming sound, like the laughter of children.

At the center of the page are detailed sketches of the creatures mentioned, light penstrokes revealing the monstrous creations in meticulous detail. Beneath each is a caption.

Boggle - Body composed of sticks and stones, with a round, bulbous head. Known for malicious mischief. Created by Idon.
Spriggan - Also called changelings. About the size of an Olvi with black eyes, gnarled limbs, and bark-like skin. Known for highly malicious mischief, affinity for manipulating wind. Created by Idon.
Banshee - A spectral female, torn and tattered, bearing sharp claws. She will moan and cry, calling out in chaos and despair as she attempts to eat her victims' very life and spirit. Requires a Blessed weapon or Holy magic to harm.
Faenrae reaver - This 5-foot tall creature has glowing green eyes, tangled black hair, and withered grey flesh, with sharp fangs and claws. It floats a few inches above the ground. Created by Huldah.
Faenrae assassin - As the reaver, but moving with more swiftness and calculation. Stealthy. Created by Huldah.

Warrior Mage and Inspector Munchausen claims that, during the chaos, he spotted a Heron and Wren, "tumbling... conflicting, but not necessarily fighting... at odds somehow."

Pfanston also claimed that, at the conclusion of the invasion, he felt "the air become calmer, though not as calm as it should be, and yet he still felt the stare of thousands of tiny eyes on him." Saragos added, "The wind whistled one last time, a sharp, keening sound. As if sadness from its very soul had escaped."*

The Herald asked local Drogorian Priestess Whiteburn for her interpretation of the events, in particular the creatures summoned and the Holy Birds sighted. She theorized, "Lord Idon - perhaps in some sort of collaborative effort with Lord Huldah - sought to weave chaos amongst mortals. Perhaps for Their own amusement, perhaps for some other reason. They are the more... capricious of the Dark Gods when it comes to wanton destruction and death." Further, she said, "When death comes to mortals, it is wise not to discount Huldah's influence. He detests the creatures of Truffenyi and revels in chaos."

With regard to the birds: "...if they were fighting or quarrelling, then it is likely to be a sign that Faenella perhaps acted in some way to soften the blow against the children of Elanthia."

Vahrek added a second theory. He said, "Faenella and Idon [may have been] squabbling over whether or not to get involved in Huldah's song'n dance." In response, Priestess Whiteburn agreed it might be a good theory.

The Herald further asked the Priestess what the populace might do if indeed another Immortal (or two) are displeased. "Turn your eyes to the Heavens and keep your senses alert for other signs or portents. Pray to the Dark Ones that we may be spared Their anger." She also agreed that those inclined might pray to Faenella Herself for guidance and protection.

Take to your prayers once again, Zoluren.

* The First Land Herald does not attempt interpret the more poetic quotations of its witnesses.

Navesi Daerthon
Editor in Chief, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date






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