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Teleportation items are a variety of things that, when used, can transport the user to a different place in the world. A wide variety of items exist, including ones with set target locations, items that you can re-set the target location on and ones that rely on a moon being visible to activate the Teleport spell within the item.

A similar system to the teleportation items are Teleportation tattoos.


While some of the below items may differ, in general you can expect some or all of the following responses to common verbs on teleportation items:

  • STUDY ITEM: The <item> looks designed to carry you from place to place. You think you can TAP the ground with the <item> to mark this as the place to return. You can RAISE the <item> to return to the place you marked. <optional line> - You can also OPEN and CLOSE the <item>.
  • TAP ITEM: Sets your current location to the teleportation item. This allows you to "memorize" your current location to the item, and return to that location by raising or invoking.
  • RAISE or INVOKE ITEM: Will send you to the location stored in your item.


A wide variety of teleportation items exist, each with specific attributes.

Jump Jewelry

These items are, in general, tied to a Moon and many will also have a pre-set location.

Estate Holder Jewelry

These items will require an Estate Holder status to use and will teleport the user to Fang Cove.

Other Items


  • Kermoria as the Destination indicates the target destination of the item can be set manually by the user at most outdoor locations in the known 5 provinces.
  • Nothing in the Attuned To column indicates no moon is needed for use.
  • Random in the Destination indicates a Huldah cloak or similar-type item; after a multi-day cooldown, the item may be used but will teleport the user to a random location in the known 5 provinces.
 DestinationAttuned ToSource
Bejeweled silver hammerKermoriaTaisidon (quest)
Blue star sapphire ringLeth DerielYavashBaravor's Wagon
Treasure Creature
Braided gold wristbandShardKatambaBaravor's Wagon
Treasure Creature
Classic black umbrella with an elaborately carved green parrot's head handleKermoriaReturn to the Keep 423/Supply Wagon
Colorful storyplait kite with beige and blue ribbons attached to the stringKermoriaOwirvald Riverhaven Auction 427
Cornhusk-canopied umbrella with a cornstalk poleKermoriaSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 428/End loot
Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 432/End loot
Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 436/End loot
Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 439/End loot
Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 443/End loot
Creamy white seashell painted with a Cha'Walkas landscapeAesry Surlaenis'aXibarHouse of the Revenant Fang 423/Incidental loot
Dainty heartstring lace parasol with dangling rose gold charmsKermoriaReturn to the Keep 431/Supply Wagon
Dark nightsilk umbrella with a luminous moonsilver handleKermoriaReturn to the Keep 431/Supply Wagon
Dramatic cloak fastened with a claspHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizes
Hollow Eve Festival 439/Game prizes
Dusty tapestry cloak with a compass clasprandomHollow Eve Festival 417/Auction
Frayed burlap cloak stitched with a mischief of ratsrandomDrathrok's Duskruin 422/Auction
Long sanguinai tapestry cloakDroughtman's Challenge 441/Raffle
Canvas carryall pinned with an agonite map
Map-etched throwing hammer with a flared oaken gripKermoriaGuildfest 423/Auction
Metal war hammer with a cracked durian haftKermoriaTreasure Creature
Omnipresent adventurer's sealDroughtman's Challenge 441/Raffle
Canvas carryall pinned with an agonite map
Pale grey zenganne cloakrandomDrathrok's Duskruin 426/Drathrok's Assemblage
Drathrok's Duskruin 430/Drathrok's Assemblage
Drathrok's Duskruin 435/Drathrok's Assemblage
Drathrok's Duskruin 438/Drathrok's Assemblage
Drathrok's Duskruin 442/Drathrok's Assemblage
Drathrok's Duskruin 446/Drathrok's Assemblage
Pale white camlet cloak stitched with a web of bizarre lightningrandomHollow Eve Festival 414/Auction
Porcelain teacup saucer painted with the Great Tower gardensShardKatambaHouse of the Revenant Fang 423/Incidental loot
Regal black avia umbrella crowned with a sculpted sungold gladiolusKermoriaReturn to the Keep 431/Incidental loot
Sculpted alexandrite ringMer'KreshKatambaBaravor's Wagon
Treasure Creature
Stormsilk umbrella with a tempest sapphire set in a stately shadowbark handleKermoriaHollow Eve Festival 425/Auction
Sweeping dragon-scale leather greatcloak with a soft mane of shadow hound furrandomHollow Eve Festival 428/Auction
Tarnished silver armbandRathaXibarBaravor's Wagon
Treasure Creature
Terra cotta tile painted with a charging yeeharMuspar'iYavashHouse of the Revenant Fang 423/Incidental loot
Wine-colored garnet ringAesry Surlaenis'aYavashBaravor's Wagon
Treasure Creature

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