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Avtalia Array
Abbreviation: AVTA
Prerequisites: Arbiter's Stylus, Noumena
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 2
Mana Type: Lunar Magic
Spell Type: metamagic / -
Description: Avtalia Array is an augmentation of the starlight aura, though not for the squeamish. To 'learn' it, one must undergo a surgical procedure where micro avtalia crystals are embedded in the body, along paths corresponding to the pattern of the Noumena spell. Thereon, as the Trader's aura derives energy from the stars, energy will also spark within any cambrinth in contact with him.
Effect: Passively charges worn cambrinth/gaethzen when outdoors while Noumena is active.
Example Messaging: Cambrinth brought to full by a pulse: Your <cambrinth item> pulses brightly with Lunar energy.


Avtalia Array catches the faint starlight sparkle of your aura and bounces its energy to your cambrinth.

The avtalia crystals in your body remain in alignment with the stars, filterfeeding energy for your cambrinth.

The stars stream energy to your cambrinth via the array of avtalia crystals in your body.

Your Avtalia Array tracks the stars diligently, feeding your cambrinth with energy.

Scintilla by scintilla, the unswerving energy of the stars continue to recharge your cambrinth.

Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.


  • Charges worn and held cambrinth and gaethzen items that are attuned to Lunar magic.
  • Items that are not attuned yet will not be charged. Items attuned to a different type of mana also do not charge so there's no risk of explosion.
  • The spell will always message when an item becomes full due to a pulse from this spell with: Your <item> pulses brightly with Lunar energy.
  • The remaining pulse messaging has a very small chance of occurring on any pulse that charges. This chance is so small that it is very possible that an item will be filled without even seeing one such message. It does seem to have an increased chance of occurring on the pulse that brings a item to full, in which case both messages appear.
  • While Enrichment is active, Avtalia Array will recharge items for three times as much.
  • Cannot be learned through the tessera, must be learned in person from the Negotiants in the Crossing Trader's Guild. Leaves you with minor internal wounds all over.

Learning Messaging

There is a great deal of clinking as the Negotiants' extremities unfold to reveal a frightening assortment of glass needles and spindles, instantly white-hot...

You fall into an enchanted sleep.

In your feverish dreams, the three-dimensional spell pattern has already been interconnected in your flesh: helices within helices curving next to internal organs.  Intensive psychic instruction and imprinting occur in parallel with the surgery, until you keenly know the position of each micro crystal.

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