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There are several spells that are associated with certain Moon Mage sects in some way. In most cases they were either created by the sect or the sect has a special facility with casting them. These affiliations are for the most part lore based and have no mechanical in-game benefit to the caster. See the next section below for details on those spells which do have mechanical advantages.

Celestial Compact - Burn, Cage of Light, Dazzle, Focus Moonbeam, Refractive Field
Fortune's Path - Aura Sight, Seer's Sense
Heritage House - Unleash
Monks of the Crystal Hand - Moonblade
Nomads of the Arid Steppe - Clear Vision, Telekinetic Throw
Progeny of Tezirah - Shadows, Shadow Servant, Shadow Court, Tezirah's Veil
Prophets of G'nar Peth - Piercing Gaze, Artificer's Eye, Starlight Sphere

Spells with mechanical benefits

Each Moon Mage Sect has a strong affinity to one spell. This comes in the form of a mechanical benefit when casting the spell that other Moon Mages do not receive.

Sect Spell Bonus[1] Notes
Celestial Compact Cage of Light Increased duration Non-Celestians: 10-39, Celestians: 30-90
Fortune's Path Seer's Sense Increased duration of self-cast effect. Non-Gypsies: 10-39, Gypsies: 30-90
Heritage House Unleash Reduced chance of scroll being destroyed
Monks of the Crystal Hand Moonblade Improved stats are gained at a lower threshold of moon strength.[2] Non-Monks: Strong influence or greater, Monks: Moderately strong influence or greater
Nomads of the Arid Steppe Clear Vision Increased duration Non-Nomads: 10-39 minutes, Nomads: 30-90 minutes
Progeny of Tezirah Shadows Increased duration Non-Tezirites: 10-39 minutes, Tezirites: 30-90 minutes
Prophets of G'nar Peth Piercing Gaze Increased duration Non-Pethians: 10-39 minutes, Pethians: 30-90 minutes


  • Duration increases appear to adjust their scale from that of a standard spell to that of a ritual spell as opposed to simply increasing duration additively or multiplicatively.


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