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from A Brief History of the Guild of Moon Magic by Kssarh T'kinnirii, Apprentice to Guildmaster Tiv

The Monks of the Crystal Hand said little, letting their deeds carry the message. A band of ascetic warriors from the far west, these meditative souls had honed their mysticism to a razor's edge, able to conceal their movements in cloaks of shadows at will and disarm a foe with a single thought. They pledged themselves to build the Guild as they did all things: with purity, honor, and deadly efficiency, all attuned with the orbits of the moons.

The Crystal Hand is, along with the Nomads of the Arid Steppe, uniquely situated in the Age of Myths. As far as Moon Mages are aware, there has always been a monastic tradition from the far west that did what the Monks more-or-less do now. With some variations. For example, there is suggestions there's a variant path of the Monks that are Elementalists.

It's perhaps curious that both sects with the Age of Myths pedigree emerge from the west. Even the Nera, who we now know has a unique genesis from the rest of the Nomads, have been described as coming "from the mountains to the west."


A hooded monk leans forward and speaks to you about this sect. "Constantly on a quest for personal perfection in all ways and all things, the Monks of the Crystal Hand often go without many basic pleasures that most other Elanthians take for granted. Fasts, quests, and long periods of isolation are not uncommon for Moon Mages of this organization."

"Though our studies focus on the arts of magic and war, the Sophisters within these halls discuss and contemplate philosophy moreso than any other point of study. It is through seeking the eternal truths we shall find enlightenment."

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  • A crystal hand wrapped around an amber jewel.
Details such as knuckles and fingernails have been cut carefully into the transparent crystalline fist.


  • Sophister at 38th Circle (received when joining the Sect), as well as post title Of the Monks.
  • Ascetic at 70th.
  • Also: Monk, Crystal Soul, Crystallomancer, Photomancer, Enlightened.

Title Requirements: Monks focus on self-improvement and understanding the true nature of things. Their titles are earned based on their Attunement and Appraisal.


  • Tiv's Mantle (mantle): Creates a cloak with verbs to aid in meditation. Circle 28.
You chant a small phrase, the power of your cantrip flowing from your lips!
A billowing cloak of some unusual crystalline substance appears and wraps itself around you.
  • Way of the Disciplined Step (balance): Raises one's level of balance. Circle 35.

  • Veiled Identity (face):
    • <Name> has a pair of eyes as transparent as glass, a crown of crystals for hair, and twinkling skin.
Monk <Name> who appears to be carved from crystal.

Spell Preparation

  • Eyes unfocused, a Monk raises one hand before him in a studied gesture.

Box Dismantle

You close your eyes and still your thoughts, striving for perfect inner quiet. When your thoughts are fully silenced, you slowly raise your foot and place the driftwood coffer squarely on the top of your toes. You carefully lower your leg and then quickly kick it back up, sending the driftwood coffer flying straight up into the air. With firm discipline, you wait patiently for the driftwood coffer to fall, your body perfectly poised to strike. When the driftwood coffer finally reaches the height of your head, you hammer it with your fist, sending the driftwood coffer crashing to the ground and smashing it into nothing but splinters.

Roundtime: 4 seconds.

Spell Affinity

Monks have an affinity to this spell allowing them to generate high quality blades when the corresponding moon has moderately strong (or greater influence) on mana.

Divination Tools

Sect Shop

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Scholars on the path to personal perfection may be particularly interested in the ideals of Perfect Action and Perfect Body.

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