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Race Gorbesh
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime


War Witch Pureblade De'clon, Veteran of the Zoluren Infantry, a Kaldar.
He has sparkling red eyes and a cleft chin. Your deep blue hair is short and straight, and is worn untamed. You have tanned skin.
He is middle-aged.
He has some light stubble on your face.
He has a tattoo of a series of black swirls sinuously curling down his right arm. As the designs approach the edge of his wrist they change shape into an open gauntlet that comes to rest on his hand.

He is wearing an embossed leather holster, some silver-blue scythewing moth handwraps, an ilmenite brooch encrusted with opals in the pattern of a graveyard, a polished black helm, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a gold jadeite gwethdesuan, a crude cambrinth amulet, a platinum-rimmed soulstone suspended from a leather thong, an elegant black gentleman's greatcloak, a black spidersilk robe with silver scrollwork sleeves, a pilgrim's badge, a brass badge etched with a laurel and lion's claw crest, some silvery blue phlox, a silver and cambrinth collar pin bearing the crest of the Zoluren Watch, some nightsilk-strapped silver goggles with blue-tinted lenses, a smoke-grey patch embroidered with silvery steelsilk, a black linen haversack displaying a sectarian clasp, a heavily reinforced nightsilk bag, a glinting metallic grey tabard emblazoned with the baleful greatsword and ruinous spear of Tieheq the Iron Lord, some polished black plate, a segmented cambrinth armband, some polished black gauntlets, a silver ring, a polished leather belt with an ironwood nightstick hanging from it, a sturdy iron-studded black leather spellbook case, some nightsilk trousers embroidered with silver scrollwork, some polished black greaves, some steel-toed footwraps with silver buckles, some polished black leather boots with silver buckles, an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps, a dark silk sash embroidered with the crest of Zoluren, a black steel tower shield with a huge clear sunstone set in its top edge, and a nightsilk-wrapped sheath with silver trim scrollwork.


Although most can not make the distinction, the Paladin Pureblade De'Clon insists he is Gorbesh and not Kaldar. Not that being Kaldar is a bad thing, as he swears he has plenty of Kaldar friends.

Worships Tieheq, the Iron God of the Albarian pantheon, but also respects the Kermorian pantheon by worshiping Chadatru locally. Pureblade strongly believes that the gods are not as infinite as some claim, and instead they generally just rule over their own provinces like any collective of kings or queens would.

Former Commander of the Zoluren Infantry during the Sorrow War.

Worked against Prince Vorclaf with a number of now-forgiven Treasonists under Midjure and Molphant's command to avenge Sirolarn's death and Sybina's alleged kidnapping.

After a (very) extended stay at Corik's Wall as an Emerald Knight, he has returned from Dark Hand to better train himself for any coming difficulties. Shortly after his return, he was recruited by the Flying Company.