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Analogous Patterns is a branch of spells that are held in common by all magical disciplines. Due to the construction of these spell patterns, they function flawlessly in any frequency of mana. In practice, the Analogous Patterns are the exact opposite of the sorceries that comprise most of the Arcane approach to magic.

Because the caster is using his native mana type, Analogous Patterns spells are not sorcery.

Spell Tree

Ease Burden (Augmentation)Strange Arrow (Targeted Magic)Gauge Flow (Utility)Burden (Debilitation)Manifest Force (Warding)Lay Ward (Warding)Seal Cambrinth (Utility)Dispel (Utility)Imbue (Utility)Analogous Pattern Spells.png
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Scroll Requirements

Analogous Pattern spells are particularly easy to learn from scrolls. The following can be learned from scroll without the usual Arcana requirement:

Gauge Flow also reportedly only requires 60 ranks of Arcana to learn from scroll.

Summary of Spell Information

Bolded spells are signature spells.

Name Effect Type Skill Contest Prep
Duration Slots Mana
Burden (spell) -Strength (stat) battle debilitation magic \ fortitude 1-33 0-400 10-10 1 Analogous Patterns
Dispel (spell) dispels one magical effect battle utility 15-100 80-800 Instant 2 Analogous Patterns
Ease Burden (EASE) reduces encumbrance standard augmentation 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Analogous Patterns
Gauge Flow (GAF) allows magical research standard utility 5-100 10-600 30-90 2 Analogous Patterns
Imbue enables an item to be enchanted standard utility 15-100 80-800 Instant 1 Analogous Patterns
Lay Ward (LW) potency barrier against spells battle warding 5-100 10-600 2-10 1 Analogous Patterns
Manifest Force (MAF) ablative physical damage barrier standard warding 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Analogous Patterns
Seal Cambrinth (SEC) increases capacity by 30%, prevents stored mana from leaking ritual utility 50-600 10-600 30-90 1 Analogous Patterns
Strange Arrow (STRA) Puncture damage, Electrical damage, single target. battle targeted 1-50 0-400 Instant 1 Analogous Patterns

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